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Danielle Myburgh
#edchatNZ founder. Education futures enthusiast. Maths & Science teacher. E-learning specialist. Masters student. MOOC maker. Learning junkie. Questioner.
#edchatNZ founder. Education futures enthusiast. Maths & Science teacher. E-learning specialist. Masters student. MOOC maker. Learning junkie. Questioner.

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Term 3 in pictures
Year nine and ten students designed games for year seven and eights to teach them about climate change. We made more progress in our Learning Hub Curriculum. In this session, students were discussing aspects of emotional intelligence. Had a massive win for ...

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Why so busy?
What is the one thing teachers (and many other professions) want more of? If you ask this question at any education conference, any gathering of teachers, they will always say the same thing; time. If you ask a teacher how they are, they will likely say " b...

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Inquiry learning - 3 reasons why
A few months ago, a rather juicy discussion erupted on a Facebook teacher group I belong to based on the graph above. One of the comments that really stood out for me was from another educator who said: " It's evidence like this that makes me worried about ...

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7 new things I tried this term
I redesigned and adapted my favourite board game, Catan, in an attempt to engage some of my more passive learners in a more active way. It worked a treat, particularly for my Pasifika learners! Afterwards, I had the students  evaluate their strategy  from a...

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How do you teach students to unlearn?
It was futurist and writer Alvin Toffler who wrote; “ The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” What I find particularly significant about this quote is the play on the...

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A quick visual guide to online learning at HPSS
For all those visual learners out there... Here are two visuals that I have developed in my role as e-learning specialist classroom teacher to briefly summarise e-learning at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. The first graphic is aspirational, the second ...

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Wine Intertwined with Education and Complexity Theory - Goksenin Sen
In my opinion, winemaking and teaching have many common fundamental characteristics. First, they both need tremendous effort, dedication and love. Second, they are both multi-layered open and living systems within which formulas and recipes work to a limite...

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Exiting the edu-bubble
Diversity, dissonance and new ideas are not only proven to inspire creativity and innovation, but also to stimulate cognitive development in adults. With this in mind, in 2016 I deliberately sought to participate in professional learning experiences that sa...

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Reading notes: MOOCs
Reading notes - MOOCs Key Ideas → The ‘teacher’ in a MOOC is a key aspect, although often ignored and under appreciated Ros et al (2014), Hew (2015) British Journal of Educational Technology (2014) doi:10.1111/bjet.12235 Promoting engagement in online cours...

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Complexity Science: A "gray" science for the stuff in between - Kurt A. Richardson, Paul Cilliers, Michael Lissack
Lots of management books on the subject of how a new paradigm shift is necessary. Basic observations of complexity System/memory history - Personal experiences and opinions (micro) as well as culture, value systems (macro) play an important role in defining...
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