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retired, genealogist, author, reader
retired, genealogist, author, reader

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Glad to see this community on G+.  My paternal genealogy is back to New Hampshire, New England about 1662 then in 1760 to Nova Scotia.  The name seems to be English, possibly from Devonshire but further research is needed to confirm that.  The women in the Whidden/Whitten family are mostly also English, Irish and Scottish; I don't know of any Welsh wives.  My maternal genealogy is from Rautalampi, Finland where my grandfather, Heikki Jarvinen came from and arriving in either Quebec City, Quebec or Boston, MA (the family believed for many years he arrived in NYC but none of the many Heikii Jarvinens there seem to be a match) and changed his name to Henry Freeman to better help him get a job.   In Fitchburg, MA, he met and married Maria Syrala, of Somero, Finland, sister of Annie who married Emil Syrjanen.  After marriage, they moved to Wynyard, Saskatchewan where they had six children, four girls and two boys.  After Maria died a couple of years after the birth of the youngest daughter, Henry moved the family to northern Alberta near the hamlet of Hotchkiss.

I have had both y-DNA and mt-DNA (full genealogical sequence) and haplogroups are R-M269 R1b1a2a1a1b4 and U6a3a1.  I have a close match and exact match but neither respond to emails, so may have passed away.

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Co-author w/Paul David Whidden of MN of "Whidden NH, NS and beyond 1662-2002 a family odyssey" 1650+ pp, 32 pp B&W & color photos, TOC/TOI, Whyddon in Chagford, Devonshire, England, some info about Whiddon/Whidden presumed from England to VA>NC>SC>GA>FL, bibliography, index.  With new info about Ichabod Whidden from Portsmouth, England to Portsmouth, NH b. England 1630 d. Greenland, New Hampshire 1715.  First Whidden/Whitten genealogy/history to show Whitten connection to the current day and descent of both Samuel and John/NH/1662 to the present day. Currently printing copies of ed. 1.5 with new line of Whitten from ME to northern CA.  Work continues on possible 2nd ed.availability TBA.  For more info, contact me at Use the subject: Whidden/Whitten book.

Little known fact about the planters of Onslow/Truro area: the Acadians were exiled because of terrorist attacks on English settlers/soldiers and refusal to pledge allegiance to UK crown.  After representatives were elected after 1760, the settlers in Onslow/Truro and other areas refused to take the same pledge for fear they would be conscripted and forced to return to New England to fight against former family/neighbours.  Thus their representative in the Legislative Assembly was refused his seat for a couple of terms until the descendants DID take the pledge of allegiance.  (Source: (pp. 392-3 A Directory of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia 1758-1958 PANS 1958, found in U of Alberta library.

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Acadia University is also home of Planter Study group.  Planters corresponding to the VA to MA/ME planters and came to NS prior to Revolutionary War.  Those who came later, likely neighbours, family of the same people were known as Loyalists.  Based on what I know of Whidden genealogy/history, their children fled in droves to US from east to west coast and parts in between over the next hundred years.

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Apple hardware no longer supports Youtube or Google Maps and their own map service is not ready for prime time.  Another reason not to buy the iPhone5.  When a hardware/software provider only wants you to see what they allow you to see, I'm afraid it's time to let the reality distortion field drift away on it's own.  Kinda sad, really. 

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Note the time limit at the end of this message.

In order to take advantage of these discount prices, you must first register for a surname project at the FTDNA web site.  In my case it's the WHITTEN/WHIDDEN/WITT (+ many more names) project but if another surname is more appropriate, then check the web site to find it.

One case in our family involves what FTDNA calls an "undocumented paternal event."  The chance that a match does not exist due to infidelity or unreported adoptions occurs 2%-5% of the time per generation. 

A Whidden female married a Graham and one of their sons fathered a boy with local girl.  The boy was raised with the girls family name so his best project was the GRAHAM project.  However with the Family Finder test, he shows as a result in my tests by way of his WHIDDEN mother's DNA.  They had a paper trail that suggested what had happened but DNA confirmed their suspicions.

Thus the suggested test are y-DNA-37 and the Family Finder test. 
The saving for those two tests with the discounts is $110.00 vs $438.00 full price before the discount.  If you've been considering genealogical DNA testing, now is the time to enjoy these prices.

However, my first mt-DNA test was the PLUS or HVR1 & HVR2 test which returned a U6 haplogroup result which later analysis suggested might be U6a1.  A later mt-DNA-FMS/(previously called FGS) yielded U6a3 haplogroup, later analysis resolves to U6a3a1.  Thus to get the more resolved haplogroup you need to order a mt-DNA test.  The HVR1 test is not very helpful so I suggest mt-DNA-PLUS or FMS.

My y-DNA ancestry presumably goes to England but we have yet to find a match to anyone proven to be of English background by traditional genealogy sources.  My mt-DNA is back to Finland but my paper trail only goes back to grandparents, both born in Finland.


Family Tree DNA's Sizzling summer Promotion

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Daemon (2009) and Freedom,  Kill Decision (19 July 2012) are new perspectives on computers and society blended with enough action and thrills to keep you going back for more.  Whether you are a computer gamer or IT techie hang on for a scary ride.  Kill Decision investigates the use of drones and autonomous drones where it becomes hard to figure out who sent them off.

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Act of Valor (2012) was released 5 June on Blu-Ray & DVD; just saw it - great movie main characters are active duty Navy SEALS, based on actual SEAL ops but the story is fictionalized.  Country singer Keith Urban sings "For You" which plays as the credits start, video & making the video included as extras.

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Notikewin/Manning cemetery Vale of Peace where Freeman and Whiddens are buried
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