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Service Idea

Technical training
Our company will train the users based on the manual, system use guide and maintenance guide. The training include system use, system maintenance and equipment protection.
After-sales services modes
A.Phone service
MIC After-sales Services Department provides customers with 24 –hour- phone service. When you contact us, please let us know the following information:
1.Your name and phone number
2.Warranty Card number
3.Detailed fault information (if the fault could be presented by pictures, please take pictures and send them to us as possible as you can)
Our after-sales service engineers will offer technical support and guidance based on your description.
B.Real-time communication service
MIC after-sales service engineers could provide customer services through TM & E-mail & MSN&SKYPE, for example, sending the video files of software operation & PC setup by TM to show how to operate.
C.Remote control service
MIC can operate the customer’s computer remotely via Internet, to install and set up software for customers, and to dispose of the technical fault of LED lighting system software.
D.Post Service
Under warranty, customers could send the defective components back to MIC , we will repair them and return to you as soon as we can. Please refer to the time chart of our response to some main components fault.
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MIC led street light

Date: 2011-03-05
Nestled in the foothills of the Hualapai Mountain range, the award-winning Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is a community-owned 235-bed healthcare facility located in Kingman, Arizona—the seat of the Mohave County. It is the largest provider of health and wellness services in northwestern Arizona and has been often recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals in the State of the Nation’s Hospitals report. At 3,500 feet in elevation, the hospital sits in a beautiful high-desert rural community.

The medical center was using 250-watt HPS lamps in 88 fixtures throughout the campus, running on voltage ranges from 120VAC to 277VAC. The poles are mostly around 16-20 feet high, with some in the 24'-26' range; they are spaced 40-60 feet apart in the parking lot.

When Shenzhen MIC LED Light Sales made a demonstration of the 96-watt MIC LED Street light MSL-A112 luminaries, the chairman of the board, managers and other executives were all impressed by the light output and the resulting detail clarity in the security cameras, not to mention the energy savings of 202 watts per fixture.

The proposed upgrade to LED lighting also coincided with the KRMC embracing the green movement in recent months and undertaking a leadership position in environmentally friendly solutions in their community.

An initial order to replace the 88 HPS lamps was shipped within a few months, followed by another shipment to bring the total to 104 LED lamps. The MIC LED luminaries use over 60% less energy than the conventional HPS units that were being used, and require much less maintenance in the way of bulb and ballast replacement. The MIC LED parking-lot lights are provided with a 5-year warranty and will provide useful light with no more than 30% light degradation at 50,000 hours of operation. This results in an estimated savings slightly in excess of $100,000 during that time frame.

What started as a project to get better-lit images out of the security cameras ended up as a whole package of energy savings as well as security benefits and better lighting for users of the parking lot. Due to the success of the project, Kingman is now looking at other areas within the facility where LED lighting might bring energy savings as well as reduce maintenance labor and time.
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Streetlights Illumination Project in a DaQing community
Pole height:3.5M
Distance between two lights:15M
Road width:6m
Lighting source: LED street lights
Power: MSL-A24
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Wind-solar Hybrid Streetlights Illumination Project in Northeast of Xingtai City
Pole Height: 8m
Distance between two lights: 20m
Road width: 25m
Power: MSL-A48 & MSL-A96
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Shanxi Linfen Linfu Road Illumination Project(5km)
Height pole:12m, distance between two light: 35m, road width:62m
Lamps: MSL-A192
Quantity:448 PCS
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Led Street Lights installed in New Zealand

LED Street Light Project, MSL-A24 in New Zealand

Following project were provided by our New Zealand client on Sep-3rd-2008, MIC LED Street light MSL-A24 was installed in a hospital. With 20feet height, it was used to replace traditional HPS lamp. The hospital Chief Executive was satisfied with MIC lamps and plans to arrange the budget to replace all the HPS lamp in their parking lot.

Besides Australia in Oceania market, we also achieve great accomplishments in other countries, as above mentioned name, New Zealand, later more and more projects will presented to you.
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MIC Led Street Lights in China

Project location : YangZhou, JiangXu province, China

Mainly products : MIC LED Street Lights series

Model No. MSL-A112

Project description:

Light pole : 8m

Space between two light : 30m
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144w LED street light

France Road Illumination Project
Pole Height: 8m
Distance between two lights:15m
Road width):10 meters
Light: LED street light
Power: MSL-A144
Quantity : 180 PCS
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led traffic light project

Project Name: Nanning traffic lights project
Product:400-direction signal lamp, 400 Tri-color full screen signal light
QTY:: 60PS

1, customers select MIC traffic lights, the reason is : divergent effects of our products signal light, signal color stability, long distance, or exist in dust and other places can also be the correct signal transmission, to facilitate the installation and construction engineering, light and long service life and performance low power consumption, set up to facilitate the work you want to get regular work parties try Asian Lixing will be able to simple decision for you!
Customer Rating: Select MIC LED lights, equivalent to choose a low-carbon! MIC led lights equivalent to choose efficient! "
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