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So, like I said, this is an experiment. And though we know quite a few people have bought Gutenberg the Geek since the announcement, I think the "95% or more of users are always lurkers" rule is working against us. Having a reading assignment for the first conversation may have been a little too much.

So I talked to +Jeff Jarvis and he agrees that we should relax the reading requirement. He'll tell you enough of what you need to know about the book during the Hangout Sunday (Sunday, Sunday!). So please jump into the comments at the post linked below!

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As stated before at +Jeff Jarvis post, I would like to join the Sunday hangout for at least three reasons. First, I'm a fellow country man of J. Gutenberg and a entrepreneur with a profession that without Gutenbergs work would not be possible. Second, I'm not conviced that Gutenberg really was a Geek but supposedly a man with a vision and a goal.
Third, I also think, that he was not literally "the inventor" because this invention was in the air and the time was there to bring such a technology to life. Just like the telephone or airplanes where independently "invented" at the same time by different people.
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OK, +Trey Harris, I'm your Huckleberry...

Here are some excerpts on how Jeff's work and thinking gets interwoven into my own on nearly a daily basis:

"Oh Mashable, how doest thou remind me of a glorified Content Farm... let me count the ways...":

"Gregory Esau --- This is the problem. Content has reached it's bottom, the end of a trend to treat is as bait for eyeballs, bait for advertising. Content without context, content without meaning, content as filler is just that, filler. Why would it have any value?
There is a market for meaning. Context matters.

Alex Schleber --- +Gregory Esau I hear ya, but that is the result of Content Overabundance and the resulting The Content Creator's Dilemma (my coinage). More here:

I think +Jeff Jarvis is onto something when talks about the Internet Age being in the equivalent of the 50-100 year long phase after the invention of Gutenberg's Printing Press, where everything was just beginning to experience massive upheavals.

He says in essence that we are like those people in 1460-ish, who couldn't really know or see how everything was going to change and "pan out" (if you can call it THAT, including reformation, religious wars incl. the 30 Years War in the 17th century, asf. ...).

I think that there will be a near complete restructuring of what it means to create meaning online, and we will look back at this "Content" era as one of the less enlightened phases of the entire movement."

Riff on the A.N. Whitehead quote: "The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur." x "Alan Turing's Reading List"

McLuhan "Medium = Message" x SXSWi Epiphany ->

Curation post quoting from +Jeff Jarvis on the most basic questions underlying much of the growth/capitalism/technology/etc. discussion going on at the #WEF in #Davos, along with a ton of additionally curated links

Let me know it you'd like more. :)
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