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Quick question for anyone who plays SWTOR. I'm interested in a subscription but not sure how often I'll be able to play. Could I buy a month, then not play for a while, then when I have time again, buy another month and carry on where I left off? Or does it have to be continuous?

Also any tips on making it less laggy?
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Paging +Simon Wise. I don't play, but he does and can probably help with the lag issue to.
Your subscription is same as wow buy a month on 30th of March and your month ends 29th April. 30 day blocks or something like that. You can just unsub once the game takes your money so when the month ends your game us suspended until you pay for another month.

Tips for lag, if you have a dual core CPU druing running SWTOR on only one of them from the task manager, processes set affinity.

I also use WTFast to speed up my game, they have options for free time.
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