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Hahaha best one today :D
We're elevating cloud computing like never before
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haha =D was nice. 
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Well worth watching.
Every Gun Has a History
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Yes. We can rest now.

via +Juhani Lehtimäki 
Shut it down. The Internet is now pointless... cause this wins everything.

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ 
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And then, one day after the story of Lenovo and Superfish went viral, Microsoft published an update to Windows Defender that both removes Superfish itself and resets all SSL certificates that were affected, and I was imagining the engineer in charge of that update being all like...
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If anybody still needs an inbox invite I have a few left.
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Die Airline #Norwegian  bringt die vielleicht beste Werbung schon gleich zu Beginn des Jahres.
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so true :-)

85 Thoughts Everyone Has At The Airport

1. That security guard on a Segway seems to think he’s pretty hot stuff.
2. Don’t let the Segway go to your head, bro.
3. Holy crap, look at all those dorks waiting in that super long—
4. Oh. I have to wait in that line.
5. A lot of these people don’t seem to totally grasp the concept of a line.
6. Do I need to teach a seminar on how to wait in line?
7. Upgrade to first class? Yo, automated machine, do you think I’m a billionaire?
8. I’ve only been here 15 minutes and I already need a llama to carry my bags for me.
9. Ugh, the flight crew gets to cut the security line.
10. They think they’re so cool just because they have uniforms and perfect little rolling suitcases.
11. You think you’re better than me just because you know how to fly a plane?
12. What facial expression am I supposed to make when the TSA agent checks my ID photo?
13. Do I make eye contact? This is so intimate.
14. What nonsense did you just scribble on my boarding pass?
15. Do you even know what it means?
16. If these clowns move up juuuuust a little I could grab a plastic bin.
17. Why are you yelling?
18. Seriously, we heard you about the laptops the first 12 times.
19. Wow, a lot of these people really suck at putting their belongings into plastic bins.
20. And I’m walking in a public space without shoes on.
21. Oh, this guy thought he could get away without taking off his belt.
22. Not so fast, Hot-Shot McBelt.
23. Can I walk through now?
24. How about now?
25. Are they judging the contents of my bag right now?
26. Does my packing job look like a hot mess?
27. Can they see the wadded up ball of underwear?
28. Thank god that’s over.
29. How will I spend my next hour killing time in this mystical wonderland?
30. Should I find some food?
31. That looks gross.
32. That looks gross.
33. That looks gross.
34. Oh, look, an $18 sandwich.
35. There’s gotta be something better.
36. Nope.
37. I’ve come crawling back for you, $18 sandwich.
38. Will this be the one and only time of the year I buy an actual print copy of a magazine?
39. Nahhh.
40. And all the waiting area seats are taken.
41. There’s one.
42. Oh, it’s next to a super weird guy. Nevermind.
43. Do these people with their bags on the seats even have souls?
44. That child is going buck wild.
45. It doesn’t seem to belong to anyone.
46. This looks like the potential makings for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York all over again.
47. What do you mean overbooked?
48. Who’s running your airline?
49. A little kitten smoking a cigar and doing whatever the hell he wants?
50. Volunteer to take a later flight? Um, no.
51. What even is a “travel voucher”?
52. It doesn’t sound legit.
53. Limited overhead bin space?
54. Oh hell no.
55. I will take out these fools.
56. That bin space is mine.
57. That dude’s got like five personal items.
58. Do I have time to go to the bathroom?
59. No, we’ve reached the point of no return.
60. Are we boarding yet?
61. How about now?
62. How about now?
63. Nnnnnnnnooooooow?
64. Well, well, well, must be nice to be a Premier Silver Star Platinum Elite Member.
65. All these people hovering by the gate need to chill the F out.
66. Call my zone.
67. Call my zone.
68. Call my zone.
70. Sup, first class? Are you glad you got on the plane first so we could enjoy this awkward moment?
71. Seriously though, how hard it is to put your bag up?
72. That’s fine. Take all the time you need. 
73. We’ll just be here. Standing, waiting, wishing, dreaming.
74. Oh, you’re finally done.
75. And no, that was a fake out.
77. This is the EXACT thing they told you not to do.
78. I wonder who will sit next to me.
79. Please don’t be that weird guy.
80. Please don’t be that weird guy.
81. Oh my god.
82. It’s the weird guy.
83. If he starts talking to me I’ll pretend I’m dead.
84. Get away, this bin is full.
85. If anyone touches my bag they’re in for a murdering.

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hahaha, well i had most of them =P, especially those ones about the flying crew =D
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That's epic! At least for those that love Game of thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy :)
This is the best rap battle in the entire history of rap battles. Hodor from Game of Thrones takes on the Guardians of the Galaxy's own Groot. This one is way too close for me to call; check it out and let me know who you think won!
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Haha that was super awesome 😁
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wow, just wow
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Logbook: L+48, L+49

Dragon has definitely been in the center of our thoughts this weekend.

First of all, as you can imagine, after several delays, we were very happy when we saw the successful liftoff yesterday. To be more specific, we watched a replay, we weren’t able to watch the launch live, although we were “tuned in” on NASA TV at that time.

Yes, you heard it right, we can watch TV up here… sort of. There is a videoconferencing system and on one of our laptops, located in Node 1 where we eat, Mission Control can stream a TV channel on our request. I’m not much into TV myself, so most of the time we watch ESPN, a US sports channel that Terry and Butch are very fond of. But for special events like the Dragon launch we request NASA TV.

Unfortunately this is not an interruption-free service, and I’m not talking about commercials. The videoconferencing system (like our email, internet access and two of our four Space-to-Ground channels) only work when our Ku-Band antennas have coverage. Interruptions are quite frequent and can range from a few minutes to even a full hour. The Dragon launch occurred during one of those gaps in coverage, which we call LOS (Loss-Of-Signal).

Anyway, back to our main topic, getting ready for Dragon arrival. Butch and I had a final training session today in which we practiced the capture. I have written about the capture choreography and our respective roles in Logbook L+19, in case you missed it.

As M2, one of my big responsibilities will be to watch out for any off-nominal signature and be ready to run the appropriate response: we would call that “running the malfunction cue-cards”. 

Today I wrote a number on the cue card next to every malfunction and I asked our instructor on the ground to call out a number during the approach and capture, so I could practice mentally determining the appropriate response, without really interfering with Butch’s capture practice.

Since during one of the runs we were in Ku-LOS (see above) and had no com with our instructor, Butch started unexpectedly to randomly call out numbers while he was flying the arm. Great training! And by the way, although we train for the worse scenarios, we all count on Dragon and the arm working flawlessly tomorrow. And Terry will take some awesome pictures: he spent a lot of time today setting up cameras and knowing his skills, it will be good!

Hey, one little thing I would like to share from our past Christmas holidays, actually from Christmas day. Terry was so thoughtful to fly up for me a golden astronaut pin, which you get when you actually fly to space, and he gave it to me as a Christmas present. That was so nice and totally unexpected. And Butch gave me the Soyuz Mach-25 patch. Don’t I have wonderful crewmates?

Futura mission website (Italian): Avamposto42

  #SamLogbook #Futura42  

(Trad IT)  Traduzione in italiano a cura di +AstronautiCAST qui:

(Trad FR) Traduction en français par +Anne Cpamoa  ici:

(Trad ES - Currently not updated) Tradducción en español aquí:
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Juhu, endlich Schnee in den Alpen. Genießt es, wenn ihr zu den Glücklichen gehört, die Spaß im Pulverschnee haben. Gibt's auch schon einen Yeti unter euch? #OkGoogle  
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