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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta
CS:GO Beta News, Videos & Screenshots
CS:GO Beta News, Videos & Screenshots

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Game launches in just two days and will no longer be in beta, so the URL of this page needs changing (CSGOBeta). CounterStrikeGO, CSGlobalOffensive, Counterstrikeglobaloffensive and CSGO [Is too short] are all taken. Any suggestions for the page URL?

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Head over to my community forum ( to view concept art for the upcoming models being added to the game in its last update before it goes live. Also, visit to read the huge list of changes coming to CS:GO before launch!

Hey everyone.. You know that CSS server I was talking about with all the CS:GO maps on it? Well, its up and it has de_dust, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke and de_train. The IP is and the server will be updated with new maps as Valve released them. Again, the IP is ...
Enjoy ;)

Working on getting some video now :D
Having a little FPS problem, not sure why.. but will try and figure it out.. Also, its been a good month since I've played and I'm really bad LOL.. Today's to do list, PRACTICE! Video should be uploading Monday, If I feel there isn't enough footage it will be delayed and I will make another post about it..
Until then, see you in game ;)

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Sorry for leaving you out GPlusers.. I forgot to post the winner on this page..
(Copy&Pasted From our Facebook [] page)

The winner is [FaceWAN]InFiniTy [].
Thanks everyone for their entries, hopefully I will get another key with the next wave of invites. Here's the video proof: CS:GO Beta Key Giveaway Winner!

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So, late last night a few hours after the CS:GO beta expansion, I received this (see picture).. Now, I'm not sure how to get rid of it or quite what to do with it. But all I'm going to say is to even get considered for the invite you must comment on the photo with a link to your steam profile which must have AT LEAST 300+ Hours play on CS:S or CS 1.6 and subscribe to our YouTube channel (

Forgot to tell everyone, but submissions for our CS:GO Beta key giveaway will be closed Friday the 17th and the winner will be announced on Monday the 20th.
Thanks you all for your submissions..

How many people here would play the CS:GO versions of De_Dust and De_Dust2 if I had a CSS server up with them on it? I think it would be cool to share the maps with you so I could get some feedback to share with Valve ;)

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Poll up on our Facebook page.. "What would you like to see more of in our videos?"
To answer visit our Facebook page at or click the link below.

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New channel preview is in effect today! I have made some changes to the background and the layout of the page. Visit to see the changes!

It took us a while, but finally added +Steam to our circles!
I hope the +Steam page returns the favor and follows us :P
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