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Hi everyone-

I'm looking for a auto-populated pull-down form, where a teacher can select a homeroom and then have the Select Student list only pull from that homeroom's roster. That seems outside the basic FormRanger functionality.

Is there a clever Spreadsheet filter that I'm overlooking, or another established AppScript package that could help?

Hello MakerEd!

It's fantastic to see this community bring out so many new faces! I'm Andrew Carle, and I've been blogging/tweeting about my Makered journey as @tieandjeans for a while.

Four years ago, I launched a Makers program at Flint Hill School in the DC suburbs. This summer, I'm leaving that program in the super-capable hands of +Lindsey Nelson and heading to Songdo, Korea to join +Gary Donahue on the Maker/FabLab faculty at Chadwick International.

Along with +Laura Blankenship I host/guide/curate weekly #makere chats on Twitter. Our US-friendly timeslot is currently Tuesday evenings at 6 Pacific / 9 Eastern. If you're looking for a slightly more asynchronous discussion with teacher/makers, please fire up your twitter client and join in!

Did something shift in how GoogleApps handles Mimetypes and email attachments? My mail scripts all exploded over the winter break.

What used to work fine:

 var reportPDF = currentReport.getAs('application/pdf').getBytes();
 var emailAttach = {fileName:studentName+' Learning Center Report'+numericDate+'.pdf',content:reportPDF, mimeType:'application/pdf'}; fails completely on getBytes().  My other attempts to pull an existing Drive Doc into a PDF from seem to fail in similar ways.

Any ideas?

I'm looking for GApps/GCal tools that will help our staff cope with non-MTWThF events in our calendar.

At St. Hacktricks Day there was a group working on this task, but they didn't have a completed prototype at the end of the day. Has anyone else found a tool that supports the many/varied schedules that schools use?  

We're specifically on a stable A-F schedule.  That means September 2nd is a A day, 9/3 is a B Day and April whatever is locked as a D Day.  Our classes run on this, our faculty meetings run on this, everything.

For people who want to set up a recurring event on every E Day afternoon, the current GCal solution... isn't.  Last year people relied on iCal's superior cut/paste interface and cursed every holiday that shifted the shape of a week.

If there's nothing else out there, I'll try to write a tool that reads events from a particular public calendar (that holds all our days) and then offers Create an Event tied to every day marked with the selected Event from the source calendar.

God help us all if somebody cancels a meeting.

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Whoovians and Whooligans! I'm looking for a list or two of early touchstone DrWho eps. E.G. First appearances of the Daleks, first appearance of the Cybermen, interesting/wacky celebrity appearances, episodes that transition between doctors... things like that.

Something with the feeling of a "List of Episodes Every Nascent Whoovian Should Watch."

I have a good start with this list:
and maybe that's enough... but I was feeling like something on the order of 30 or so episodes. Are there any must-see episodes missing from io9's list?

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Come join us!
Alec Couros is hanging out with 6 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairKim Wilkens, andrew carle, Don Wettrick, Clint Surry, Verena Roberts, and Tom Currie
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