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Future Shorts Taipei
The Next Generation Film Festival comes to Taipei
The Next Generation Film Festival comes to Taipei

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Thanks so much everyone who joined us!
2014 Summer Season screening
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Presenting the 11th Future Shorts Taipei season!

Specially selected 8 short films & music videos from 5 different countries.

English and Chinese subtitles are included.

Bitcoin accepted & 10% off!
Better with friends! Buy 3 tickets get 1 free!


The Films

No Joke – Boxed In
United Kingdom / 英國 – 2013
The music video shows the ultimate cure, in the form of old people dancing. Pop music and humor come together in photographer Maxim Kelly’s short film of the KolKata Laughing Society.
這部MV用老年人跳著舞蹈的方式展現了終極的治療。流行音樂和幽默有趣在Maxim Kelly 這部記錄加爾各達大笑社區的影片中完美結合。

Butter Lamp
France / 法國 – 2013
A young photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to take their picture. Against diverse and more or less exotic backgrounds, families appear to the photographer. Through these shots, the photographer will weave unique links with each of the various villagers.
香港國際電影節 – 金火鳥大獎 (短片類) / 第50屆金馬獎最佳創作短片 / 克萊蒙費朗國際影片節 – 評審大獎 (國際影片類) / 美國電影學院電影展 – 評審大獎 (最佳動畫短片類)

I am Tom Moody
United Kingdom / 英國 – 2013
A surreal trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he struggles to sing.

Bonobo: Cirrus
United Kingdom / 英國 – 2013
The music video for Bonobo’s song, “Cirrus,” is a beautifully surreal video collage created by British animator Cyriak. It is certainly weird, using old footage of ordinary life to create complex machines and giant robots.
英國著名電音DJ Bonobo的MV “Cirrus” (捲雲),由英國動畫師製作, 拼貼出一個美麗而不真實的影片。它的確看起來很奇怪,用了大量復古風格日常生活的片段,堆疊成一些很複雜的機械和巨大的機器人。

Life is a Bitch
Canada / 加拿大 – 2013
Love. Grief. Shock. Denial. Sleeplessness. Bubble bath. Mucus. Masturbation. Pop tart. Pigeons. Toothpaste. Hospital. F__k. Bye. Hair. Sports. Chicken. Bootie. Kids. Rejection. Squirrels. Cries. Awkward—95 scenes, five minutes: life’s a bitch.
愛。悲痛。震撼。拒絕。失眠。泡泡浴。粘液。手淫。pop tart(類似孔雀香酥脆)。鴿子。牙膏。醫院。 e04。再見。頭髮。體育。雞。短靴。孩子。否決。松鼠。哭聲。尷尬怪異的-95個場景,五分鐘:生命是一個X子。(可做: 生命就是一場煎熬)

Spain / 西班牙 – 2013
They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin speak. Mother, father and son. The trio is heading for a crisis in which understanding is only one way of not listening to each other.

Metube: August Sings Carmen “Habanera”
Austria / 奧地利 – 2013
“MeTube”, an homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet, has attracted international attention. No less than George Bizet’s Habanera from „Carmen” has been reinterpreted for MeTube and enhanced with electronic sounds. Behind the cross-over of musical styles are director Daniel Moshel as well as opera and oratorio tenor August Schram.
就如他們一樣, George Bizet 的”卡門”中最有名的一段 Habanera 舞曲在重新增強電子音樂的元素以後在MeTube上被重新詮釋。
背景音樂混合的是導演Daniel Moshel,歌劇,以及神劇男高音August Schram。

Just Before Losing Everything
France / 法國 – 2013
A young boy pretends to go to school and hides under a small bridge. A teenager in tears waits at a bus stop. A woman picks them up and drives them to the parking lot of a supermarket.

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Our 11th Future Shorts season is coming to Taipei. Get ready for some awesome shorts - this time with an extra portion of music!

Here's our lineup.

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It's such a nice venue for a cozy film screening at Insomnia Cafe...
A sneak peek before the guests arrived!

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This was a really nice time!
Let's see what the next season brings!
2014 Spring Season screening
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Merry Christmas from Future Shorts Taipei to all out wonderful viewers this year!

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Beautiful screening with great people!
2013 Summer Season screening
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Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley - and Breaking Bad.
Today's 1 minute short film.
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