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What I did (learned) during my summer vacation
Just like the kids, I want to share what I did (learned) during my summer vacation.  New adventures, scary events, and some down-time all rounded out the summer of 2016. In June Craig and I were able to take a trip of a lifetime.  We took our first cruise t...

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End of the Year Reflection
Twenty-seven years.  Twenty-seven years?  Heavens, where did 27 years go?  How many students is that?  I know I don't want to do that probably involves an "x" and a variable and an exponent. As the year comes to a close, what observations can I ma...

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Where is my desk?
The play is over (and what a success!), the quarter grades are filed, and I'm moving onto the next few projects (prom, speech, etc.)  You'd think in this lull I would be able to find the top of my desk!  I know it's under there somewhere.  Let's start sorti...

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Recently our principal challenged us to create a one word goal as a form of a "new year's resolution."  Growing up in a household where my father preached the importance of goal setting, this immediately appealed to me. Along with the one word goal, the ide...

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An Old Dog CAN learn a few new tricks
As I prepared for a new semester, I realized that I'm not as stuck in my ways as I thought.  I just survived my first "Genius Week" here at George-Little Rock.  What is Genius Week?  It's a week where students choose a project that they work on for a week a...

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The "End of My Time Off"
Tonight as I sit and work on grades, I realize that Christmas break has quickly come to an end.  Just like summer and any other breaks, the time flew by.  It was full of laughter, food, and time with family.  It was also a time full of speech practices, pre...

I'm an English/government teacher in a small Iowa community.  Our high school is approximately 140 students.  If there is something I can provide through conversations, etc.  Please just contact me.  

I'm looking for an opportunity to bring government to my senior classroom.  Anyone have any ideas?
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