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Online Quran Teacher.
Online Quran Teacher.

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Our Quran Courses Will Help You Read, Understand & Implement Quran In Your Daily Life, inshaAllah.
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Very good.

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 Quran-ul-Huda Online Courses.
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Learn Online Islamic Education All Ages Of Muslim Boys & Girls.
Now you can get Islamic Education Online without leaving safety security and comfort of his home.

01. One-Of-One Class.
02. Students Monthly Report.

01. Complete Quran Reading (Nazra)
02. Complete Quran Memorization (Hifaz)
03. Complete Quran Tajweed (Nazra+Hifaz)
04. Complete Quran Translation (Nazra)
05. Complete Quran Tafseer (Nazra)
06. Ayat / Surat Memorization (Hifaz)
07. 40 Hadith Memorization (Hifaz)
08. Dua (Supplications) Memorization (Hifaz)
09. Kalimat-e-Khair (Islamic Greetings and Blessings)
10. Islamic Education (Taleem-Ul-Islam)

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Learn Quran Online All Ages Muslims Boys & Girls....

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Zainab (May Allah be pleased with her) reported: The Prophet (PBUH) came to visit me one day frightened and he (PBUH) said, "La ilaha illallah (There is no true God but Allah). Woe to the Arabs because of an evil which has drawn near! Today an opening of this size has been made in the barrier restraining Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog people).'' And he (PBUH) made a circle with his thumb and index finger. I said, ``O Messenger of Allah! Shall we perish while still there will be righteous people among us?'' He (PBUH) replied, ``Yes, when wickedness prevails".[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].Commentary: This Hadith also tells us about the ominous of sin. It says that when vice becomes common, then in spite of the presence of some virtuous persons, that community will be destroyed. But on the Day of Resurrection, those noble persons who had done their duty of preaching virtue and checking vice will stand apart from the sinners. Thus this Hadith induces one to keep away from sins.

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Abdullah bin `Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saw a man wearing a gold ring. So he (the Prophet (PBUH)) pulled it off and threw it away, saying, "One of you takes a live coal, and puts it on his hand.'' It was said to the man after Messenger of Allah (PBUH) had left: "Take your ring (of gold) and utilize it,'' whereupon he said: "No, by Allah, I would never take it when Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has thrown it away".[Muslim].Commentary:1. We learn from this Hadith that wearing of gold ring is prohibited for men and so is wearing of golden ornament by them. It is very unfortunate indeed that nowadays it has become a popular fashion to present men gold ring on their marriage and they wear it with great pride. It is a very dangerous custom and must be altogether shunned for two reasons. Firstly, it is an unnecessary formality and burden to exchange presents and hold big feasts on betrothal ceremony. It is also open to objection in Islamic law. Secondly, to give and take unlawful things is all the more forbidden and is akin to building one sin over another.2. The spirit of obedience mentioned in this Hadith is matchless.

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Abu Sa`id Al-Hasan Basri reported: `Aidh bin `Amr (the Companion) (May Allah be pleased with him) visited `Ubaidullah bin Ziyad (the ruler) and said to him: "Son, I heard Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying, `The worst shepherds (rulers) are those who deal harshly in respect of supervision. Beware, Don't be one of them!''' Ibn Ziyad said to him, "Sit down, you are but husk from among the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH).'' `Aidh bin `Amr (May Allah be pleased with him) retorted: "Was there any husk among them? Surely, husk came after them and among others than them".[Muslim].Commentary: This Hadith presents a model of courage and boldness of speaking the truth before a tyrant. It was displayed by `Aidh (May Allah be pleased with him) in the court of Ubaidullah bin Ziyad, governor of Basrah. The latter humiliated `Aidh (May Allah be pleased with him) for his straight forwardness and truth but he repeated his statement about the eminence of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and said none of them could be called husk.

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Hudhayfah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "By Him in Whose Hand my life is, you either enjoin good and forbid evil, or Allah will certainly soon send His punishment to you. Then you will make supplication and it will not be accepted".[At-Tirmidhi].Commentary: To abandon the practice of enjoining virtue and forbidding vice is likely to incur the displeasure of Allah. This trend is indeed fraught with the danger of rejection of prayers and supplications by Him.
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