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Sebastian Nilsson

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Just released GoogleChrome-extension: Autopause for Youtube

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5 laws of API dates and times
Dates are hard. Don't make it harder for yourself. Follow the 5 laws of API dates and times at #APIUX 

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Great presentation from sthlm.js, on performance on the web.
Don't Guess it, Test it!

Awesome web performance talk by +Paul Lewis, covers: network performance tips, compute (aka JavaScript), and rendering pipelines. Lots of great tips on how to measure and optimize your performance in Chrome.

Definitely check out the video, but there's also a tl;dr text version if you prefer:

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Quote: "jQuery Core has more lines of fixes and patches for WebKit than any other browser. In general these are not recent regressions, but long-standing problems that have yet to be addressed.
It’s starting to feel like oldIE all over again, but with a different set of excuses for why nothing can be fixed."

Dave Methvin, member of the jQuery core team; President of the jQuery Foundation.
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