Deb Rubin's workshops at the 2012 Hawaii Belly Dance Convention

Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm
“Engaging the core: Slow and Slinky”
This workshop will focus on traveling steps in tribal fusion, moving across the floor, turns, footwork, layering hip, torso, and arm work over footwork, and developing smooth, sassy transitions between movements to create cohesive combos. Workshop begins with Deb’s Signature core-integrated yoga for belly dancers warm up, including a focus on pelvic-leg relationship necessary for traveling steps, and activating the core muscles necessary for ease-full layering and graceful movement across stage.

Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm
“Fancy Footwork and Flow”
Dive into a jar of molasses! In this workshop, we will deepen our slow, ooey-gooey moves to achieve that slinky, sultry, intoxication look and feel of Tribal Bellydance. Drawing from yoga, pilates, feldenkrais, and Deb’s personal ‘stash”, the warm up of this workshop will focus on core integration, spinal articulation, and building the foundational strength and flexibility in the hips, spine, and shoulders to directly support controlled, snake-like dancing; create ‘floating upper body’ dance posture for stage; and engage in healthy back-bending and lay-backs to save your low back. All this will be applied to slow and sultry belly dance technique, shapes, posturing, and juicy fusion combos. She has often been coined the ‘Queen of slink”. Come learn Deb’s unique tribal stylization.

Sunday 12:00pm-2:00pm
“The Tension of Opposites”
In this workshop, we will explore the delicate interplay between 2 opposing forces—balancing slow, sinewy, serpentine, fluid transitions and movements, with quick, sharp, crisp, isolated hits and accents to give any combination ‘punch’ and create more dynamic dancing and performance. Workshop includes: Deb’s signature core yoga for dancers warm up and technique drills for torso isolations, hip work, traveling footwork, and layering. We will learn how to cultivate seamless transitions, and core-integrated control of movement at any tempo. All material will then be incorporated into a new combo, inspired by the heart of SF tribal. Please bring yoga mat and be ready to sweat!

Register for workshops here: http://www.hawaiibellydanceconvention.com/Hawaii_Belly_Dance_Convention/Workshops.html
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