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Gluten-Free Vegan Pancakes. Yes, these taste as good as they look!

"Saturday mornings the boys tiptoe down the hallway, floors striped with early morning light from the windows above, into our bedroom and under the covers they dive. Delightful little giggles in anticipation of their most favorite family tradition, Saturday morning pancakes!

Ok, ok, so it doesn’t go down exactly like that, more like this. Miles sprints down the hallway, busts open our bedroom door, jumps on our bed. That, of course, wakes up the little one, who has been sleeping contently between us since 3:00 am. Miles’ jumping wakes up Lyric, and the two of them squeal in delight, and pester for about 15 minutes about the pancakes. At first I ignore it, then beg and plea for 5 more minutes. 10 minutes later though, I’m being dragged out of bed by our precious little ones." Read More...
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hmmm looks so good!
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