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I Want to Remind You
I look at you as I ride the metro, hair shaved down the middle, reading Crime and Punishment , and I want to tell you that I’m also reading Dostoyevsky, and that you are loved. I walk alongside you in the blustery wind as you yell out random phrases to pass...

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Come to me in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

Come, see what I can do in your life.

Come, love my people.

Come, walk on water.

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"We're meant to do life together however strange, joyful, or tough it may be." go get em', kid

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mass on the summit

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Mt. Morrison overlooking Red Rocks and downtown Denver

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false reflections
We walk amidst the shadows and call them life. We’re so
accustomed now to the dimness that light is too abrasive. It burns rather than
warms, offends rather than illuminating. So we stumble around in the fog,
thinking we are dancing. It’s like looking in th...

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We have an unquenchable thirst for love. Oftentimes, it remains
buried in cavernous places we rather not acknowledge. Then certain moments
arise, or people step into your day, or conversations are had, or life is
simply lived, and you realize how deep that ...

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breathe in inhale blue sky crisp air bright sun jagged rocks frosty trees held breath for too long forgotten the mystery of sacred alcoves now breathe all in deeply the rhythm of routine the radiance of faces the elegance of habits the whispers in trees wat...

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We Have Made Mistakes
Dear friend, Let us not lose hope, though the way is filled with darkness. Know these
troubles will not last long. Hope will be what marks us, let it be what marks
us, setting us apart from the desolate world. Hope can exist in spite of sorrow. You will lea...

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We carry one another’s burdens because alone they are too
heavy. I carry the ones you give me, spreading them out so that together we
can overcome. And you carry the ones I ask you to. I am humbled each time. I
thank God each time. We carry the burdens of m...
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