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Lisa Parisi
25 + years teaching and still trying to figure it all out.
25 + years teaching and still trying to figure it all out.

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Hello everyone. I teach fifth grade in the Herricks School District in New Hyde Park. Thanks for the video, Alice. I'm wondering if we will automatically have this in September.

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Thanks for tagging me, Lindsay. I already was tagged and answered. You can read it on my blog. So I will answer your questions here. 1. My family makes me happy. So does teaching. 2. Introvert who pretends to be an extrovert. 3. Prefer paper but read any format. 4. My favorite book is The Red Tent. 5. I'm a PC. 6. My favorite web tool is Google docs or wikispaces. Can't do without either. 7. I admire Hillary Clinton. 8. Cats...definitely, cats. 9. In 20 years I will be sitting on a beach in Hawaii, writing my classroom memoirs. 10. I am most proud of my daughter. 11. I blog because I can.

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I have co-written a book about blogging in the classroom.  It is a small, easy to read book with tons of ideas about blogging and connecting with others.

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We are grade 5 bloggers in New York.  Here is our blog site:
We love getting comments and reading new blogs!

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Hello Everyone. I am a fifth grade teacher in New York, USA. Excited to connect with everyone here. Thanks for the invite, Michael!

Who: Denton Dynamos - Grade 5
What: Hang out with anyone but particularly outside of the US
When: Flexible
Contact: Lisa Parisi +lisaparisi or

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Classes involved in The Traveling Rhino Project will join in a conversation.
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