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Philip Verghese Ariel
A Multilingual Freelance Writer/Editor from Kerala, India, Can reach at. OR pvariel at GMAIL dot Com OR
A Multilingual Freelance Writer/Editor from Kerala, India, Can reach at. OR pvariel at GMAIL dot Com OR


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Receiving good testimonials from other fellow beings is a good thing to be proud of and is natural to be happy too.

Yes, indeed, I am so happy and much elated by the loving words of my fellow beings. Of course, that is a good sign to move forward with all vigor and strength.
Please check out some of the testimonials #philipscom received on this journey.
Have A Great Time Of Sharing And Caring Ahead. #PVAriel

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Why my comment box is empty? This is a common question many bloggers ask!time-for-feedback-showing-opinion-evaluation-and-surveys-100146228

It’s obvious that blog authors eagerly wait for comments after publishing their contents!

Why are no comments showing up in my comment box?

Where did it go? When will it get some comments?

How other fellow bloggers get hundreds of comments on their posts?

Oh, my… How can I get some comments on my posts?

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Comments or Feedback Is A Vital Part In Blogging!
But Sad Many Eagerly Wait For Comments Without Any Results!
Check Out This Post At #pvariel

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Social media and Sports and Games

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This is indeed a timely warning.
Thanks for this reminder.
Thanks +Sujith Poothan

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Mentions on other pages. #Philipscom
Thank you all your valuable time.
Have a great time of interaction.

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Hi +Amici1 Thanks for the kind invite.
Happy to join in.
I am a freelance writer blogger and social campaigner.
I blog at

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Great pic!
Great Thought!
Yes, as the saying goes, A picture speaks a thousand words!
Keep sharing.
post your url too.
Thanks +D Biswas
Writing and getting published are both challenging. Some people call it fun. For me it is work. Occasionally joyful work, but work, nonetheless. Most of my joy comes right after I’ve finished writing something. Publication brings validation, the…
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