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Better Contract Management
Better Contract Management

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Never forget important contract dates

Forgetting important contract dates can cause a lot of problems for your organisation. You can end up paying more due to penalties or you can be in a situation where vendors reduce the level of service but continue to charge you the big money. You don't want to find yourself trapped in a contract for another long period just because you forgot to send a cancellation notice on time. How can you avoid such problems and manage your contracts the smart way?

Make good use of Contractpedia alerts

First, you need to be aware of the consequences if you don't take actions. Understand what you need to do about your contracts and when you need to do something. If you log in to Contractpedia and go to the "Details" view of a specific contract or asset you can learn about cancellation conditions and other important information. Then you can create an alert an enable email notifications to remind you of important dates.

To create an alert for a contract, go to Contracts, click Details of the specific contract and scroll down to Alerts. Click Add alert and fill-in the details. Don't forget to enable email notifications and put the right email recipient(s)—this is a person or people who should take actions about the contract. Make sure that you have the correct dates. This way you'll ensure that you are in control of your contracts and will never forget any important contract dates.

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Valuable information. Delivered easily back to the management.

There is another great new feature of Contractpedia called Relevancy. By starting Relevancy automation all people in your organisation who are responsible for contracts and all people who are assigned assets will receive automatic emails with a link to Contractpedia where they will be able to select if the contracts or assets are still relevant or not.

Who gets to answer?

- People who are responsible for contracts
There are two choices next to every contract record: Relevant and Not relevant. The responsible person makes a selection and the information is saved.

- People who are assigned assets
For assets there are three choices: Never used, Rarely used or Frequently used. The person who is assigned assets makes a selection and it's saved.

- People who are not Contractpedia users
People who are assigned assets but are not Contractpedia users receive a link with an access code. When they log in to Contractpedia they only see the place where they should make a selection which is saved.

To start Relevancy automation go to the Burger menu, click on Company administration and then on the Settings button. Select the period and click Save.
The Relevancy feature helps deliver valuable information back to the management. The responsible people who are users of Contractpedia can see how people have answered. This way they will stay in control of their contracts and improve asset utlisation.

Go to your Contractpedia account and start Relevancy automation – it's easy!


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Contractpedia's Automatic Reports

Helping you to stay in control of your contracts and find money internally

All users of Contractpedia can now enable a new feature called Automatic Reports. This way you will receive a report on your email at a specified time, for example if you want to get a report every quarter or every month. When you create the report you have to select the period that it covers and then enter the email addresses that will receive the report. People who are not Contractpedia users can also receive these reports on the email.

What is included in the report:

- Summary of the income, expenses, total remaining obligation and expiring contracts each month during the report period.
- Overview of all expenses every month with details such as contracts that are connected to the payments and the organisations that the contracts are made with.
- Overview of the income every month with details, such as the contracts that are connected and the organisations that the contracts are made with.
- Information about the liabilities and what contracts are associated with these remaining obligations including more details.

This new feature will help Contractpedia users stay in control of their contracts more easily and have a full overview of their commitments!

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In addition to English Contractpedia is now also available in: Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish. More languages are coming! 

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