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Dimitrie Hoekstra

whats up with the (not perse alpha) faulty subscribe/pin functionality of subreddits. Slide doesn't update, doesn't show.. it all acts really weird.

oh btw the subreddit discovery function could really use some work, look at now for reddit

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Really curious for how the "external editor" function works.

Should it stream back the content you edited when you save the tmp file? (it does not work at mine)

I asked this question on odforce, would really appreciate an answer!

Question for older devices like the Samsung Nexus S - Crespo. What will be the optimisations be like as it is a device with less ram and so on. Really curious ;)

weet iemand hoe de manual google + video auto awesome feature werkt. Ik wil graag zelf selecteren wat er in de video gaat etc. Ik heb gehoord dat t zowel op de desktop en op android 4.3+ werkt. klopt dit en zo ja waar zit t , wordt t nog steeds uitgerold?

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Would like to know if other people are also interested in having these possibilities within google plus. < ps no developer related features!

Google plus photo related

- How can I see which photo's are taking up google drive storage?

- How can i get rid of duplicate photo's across my photo albums?

- Can we get devisions of: 
User Generated Albums | Google plus related Albums | Google Hangouts related Albums
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