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Automobile life in Japan
Automobile life in Japan

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Photo Gallery: Nostalgic 2 Days 2017
This is what JDM car culture is all about.  While Auto Salon, Stance Nation, and even to some extent HKS premium day all feature some sort of marketing strategy with primary goal to lure more customers, Nostalgic 2 Days captures the hearts of JDM enthusiast...

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Supercar of the Future: 2018 McLaren 720S
Despite being an off the chart car nut, I generally try to avoid interacting with dealership.  There are occasional test drives and some sales managers may actually agree to stop and at somewhat scenic locations , generally the dealerships here are concerne...

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It May be a Rainy Thursday, but Squad Goals are Life
There is really no other way to logically ascertain why we had this car meet on what probably was coldest and nastiest day in the year so far. We did have some guests, visiting in the US, but we could have just gotten together for beers in some cozy restaur...

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Because Why Not? Another Random Photo-shoot of my M3
As the dust from Tokyo Auto Salon is still settling, and I am waiting for next event or car meet to attend I was passing by a redeveloping area by Tokyo Bay and since my car was fresh out of car wash I couldn't resist the wish to stop and get out a few shot...

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Imports and Supercars at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017
What an incredible few weeks it has been! After visiting this year's Tokyo Auto Salon , were are able to reflect on some of the hottest JDM rides , check out most of the BMW's , and now we are onto the final, and probably most flashy part: Imports and Super...

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BMW's of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017
As an event that offers something for everyone Tokyo Auto Salon needs no introduction.  Having seen what sort of awesome JDM builds tuners and shops have to offer in 2017 , let's see what's going with the imported vehicles,  and in this entry we will check ...

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 - Home of the JDM
If there is anything that gives away what myself and Motorflair are up to and what are events that we are attending, that would be my Instagram feed .  A quick glance at my account will confirm the obvious: it is the time of year when all biggest builders, ...

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2017 New Year Mega Meet at Daikoku PA
Going to Daikoku on January 3rd has become a sort of religious experience for me over last few years.   Each year we see what can only be described as culmination of Japanese car culture accumulated in a truly one of a kind truck stop that has become iconic...

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Best of 2016 by Motorflair
With clocks turning past midnight and we cruise into 2017 it is time to look back and revisit some of the automotive highlights of 2016. The year starter as usual, yet extraordinary, where we hit the annual car meet at Daikoku PA We looked at some awesome c...

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Digital Dreams are Made of These
My last three months have been agonizing.  On top of absolute lack of sleep I have been fighting and hopelessly losing to a full-on addiction.  The substance of matter is a video game, and even though this is not the first time a game has captivated me and ...
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