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Rick Perry for President 2012


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Whoops, wrong guy,Su~
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Someone needs to press Donald Trump why he voted for Obama in 2008, aquired some properties through eminent domain, gave money to democrats, inc Reid, pelosi, was for amnesty, and Canadian healthcare. BECK is only one.respond so I know u received.thanks
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I am so sick of Donald Trump, I have a big problem with his criticisms and also his business dealings with China and Mexico and now they are his enemies. BY THE WAY DID HE GET HIS WEALTH BY EMI NE MT DOMAIN? ???????? ALSO GIVING MONEY TO THE DEMOCRATS? ????
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Governor Rick Perry's Official Google + Page
Please visit to learn more and to help get America working again.

I’ve led the charge to enact policies that have produced the nation’s best job-creation engine—47.8% of all net new U.S. jobs since June, 2009.

I’ve controlled spending and taxes in Texas, signing into law state budgets that have invested billions of dollars more in education. I’ve successfully advocated for landmark lawsuit reforms.

I’m the only governor since World War II to sign a budget that reduces state general revenue spending. I’ve signed a one-third reduction in school property taxes and a tax cut for small businesses. I’ve never signed a net tax hike into law.

I have a significant commitment to border security to stop the in-flow of illegal immigrants, weapons and drugs. I’ve ordered border surge operations that have reduced illegal crossings, and signed into law hundreds of millions of dollars for border security operations that put more boots on the ground and utilized technology to detect, track and deter the criminal element.