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I wrote a grid contra:
(I get a little into the weeds talking about it...)

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I'll be at Old Tone this weekend! It'll be an honor and pleasure to share a stage with Nils Fredland, Russet Trio, & Gaslight Tinkers!
Hope to see you there.

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Really looking forward to Balance the Bay:
Maivish and Great Bear!

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New longways set dance
Line up across from partner
Towel is the stage (the unmarked peg is the caller, CD is the band)

The Fountain
by Luke Donforth
Longways sets​

​Top couple makes an arch and goes over the other two lines
The rest move up, and when the reach the top, they make an arch and go down over​ the rest of the line

When the bottom couple reaches the top, the separate (peel the banana style) and lead their line down the outside (no hands). Everyone except the original top couple (now at the bottom) follows.

The couple at the bottom swings, and as other folks get back to line; they can swing their partner.

Long lines forward and back
Allemande your partner
Other hand Allemande your partner

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New longways set dance: Long Corners

Everyone start across from their partner
The towel is the stage
The unmarked peg is the caller

Long Corners
by Luke Donforth
longways set

top in left line trade with bottom in right line, giving a high five with the left hand in the middle
then next trade and high five, and the next, until both lines have swapped and you're across from partner again

the pair at the top of the line (was bottom couple) stays put and swings each other around, while two lines do a cross trail at the top; giving your partner a high five with your right when you pass

head of each cross-trailing line leads back down to bottom of their original side of the set and stays there. Everyone else follows in their line

long lines forward and back
DSD partner straight across

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The awesome BIDA dance, doing the world premier of "Acts of Random Kindness"

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Update: I will not be calling in New Hampshire this weekend (because weather!). Newfields Friday dance is cancelled. Deerfield is up in the air, but will have a local caller if it happens.

Looking forward to travelling around and sharing the joy of dancing to live music.

Thursday (March 30th) in Portland, ME with Chimney Swift

Sunday (April 2nd) in Boston, MA BIDA family & evening dance with Chimney Swift:

You can check out the awesome music of Chimney Swift here:

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Looking forward to a family dance in South Burlington with the Woodbury Strings Mega Jam Band!
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