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Noah Review
After going to see “Noah” directed by Darren Aronofsky on
Friday a few friends asked me to write a review. Here goes. My opinion: I thoroughly
enjoyed Noah as a movie, an adaptation of a biblical story, and for drawing attention
to a largely forgotten but i...

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Deutsch für Neutestamentlers
As a developing scholar who is keenly interested in the Apostle Paul I am devoted to developing my German competency. I've used three different reference grammars/reading guides and I'm currently working my way through Rosetta Stone. Also, I'll probably tak...

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Did Paul invent Christian Theology?
In some down-time from PhD coursework I am reading N. T. Wright's long
awaited Paul and the Faithfulness of God (PFG). I came across this
striking claim, One of the extraordinary achievements of Paul was to turn 'theology' into a
different kind of thing fro...

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Advent Exhortation
The words from the second century Christian Apocalypse Shepherd
of Hermas seemed particularly appropriate for the first day of Advent: Do not partake of God’s creation in abundance by
yourselves, but also share with those in need. For by overeating some peo...

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The Blow Up in Baltimore (Part 2 – The Sparks)
Having given a summary of the papers delivered during the
Social Memory session in the Historical Jesus section at SBL, I know want to
highlight why it was a “blow up” and offer my interpretation of the ensuing
audience interaction. After a round of strong ...

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The Blow up in Baltimore (Part 1 - Summary)
For me, the highlight session of this year’s SBL was in the Historical
Jesus section devoted to social memory theory. While I’m not particularly
interested in Historical Jesus (HJ) studies as a scholarly discipline, I am
interested in social memory theory a...

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SBL Purchases
Every scholar and theologian I know loves the famous Erasmus quote, "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." Except Chris Keith , he loves his clothes. Is he the best dressed historical Jesus scholar? One of the hi...

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Preview of Wright's Tome on Paul
N. T. Wright's much anticipated book on Paul, the fourth volume of his Christian Origins and the Question of God Series is scheduled to b...

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