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Duranaki Chronicles
The tales of T'vance Arain, a hot-headed assassin, drug addict, and aspiring mage.
The tales of T'vance Arain, a hot-headed assassin, drug addict, and aspiring mage.


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I'd like to (finally) introduce you to my new book, Quarantine Lost! 

The sequel follows the protagonists from Duranaki Chronicles as their two worlds further entwine. A dark threat kicks off an epic adventure where our heroes struggle with clones, assassins, wizards, spies, totalitarianism, cyborgs, madmen, seductresses, and of course pure evil. But with sharp wits and sharper blades, T'vance and Doogan are up to the task, ready to slit a few throats, find love, and maybe even save the universe.

Quarantine Lost is now available for the major platforms: Kindle, Google Play, iBookstore, and Nook. You can also order a print copy if you prefer. More information and links to the different e-book versions can be found on my updated website .

In the spirit of building an audience, the e-book versions are free (with the exception of kindle, whose AI price monster has yet to reduce the price).
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Sometimes working through the present and future requires you to fully address the past. So as I've been working on finalizing my next book, Quarantine Lost, I decided to take a step back and make sure the first book was as accessible as possible. It took some time, but Duranaki Chronicles is now available for nearly all platforms: Kindle, Google Play, iBookstore, Nook, and of course you can still order a printed copy if you prefer. 

You can find links to all of these my updated website: or you can find it fairly easy searching for my last name.

They're all free except printed copies. So if you've been waiting for it to be easier, now is your chance! And if you've already read the book, I'd love it if you could rate it on whatever platform you prefer (unless you plan on saying something nasty, in which case be sure to disconnect your internet first.)

There's a few details on the website about the new book as well. The self-publishing community always recommends you "build excitement" ahead of a release. So get excited! Quarantine Lost is coming soon!
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Hello G+!  As my preferred network, I feel remiss that I haven't taken a more active stance here.  I'd like to change that now.  One of my passions is writing, and this is the first project that's made it to the light of day.  If you haven't checked it out and enjoy scifi or fantasy, you should take a look at website for more details!
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