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Libertarian Party of Dallas County
Spreading Liberty One Mind at a Time
Spreading Liberty One Mind at a Time


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The 2014 Dallas County Convention will be held Saturday, March 15, from 12:00-3:00 PM at the Texas Land and Cattle in Richardson.
Convention activities include:
Lunch! (but not a free one)
Electing LP Dallas County Officers for 2014-2016
Nominating candidates whose districts are entirely within Dallas County (see candidate list below).
Making LP Dallas County bylaws amendments
Electing delegates to the district (March 22) and state (April 11-13) conventions.

Requirements to vote at the convention:
- You must be a registered Dallas County voter
- You must NOT have voted in the primaries or conventions of another party
- and you must have been elected as a delegate at your precinct's convention on March 11.

If you did not make the precinct conventions, there is still a chance for you to participate in district and state conventions. Come to our County Convention on March 15, take the oath of affiliation, and we may elect you as a delegate to the District and/or State conventions. Be advised, you will not be able to vote at the county convention itself if you were not elected March 11, and it will be up to the county convention delegates to elect you (for example, we can only send a finite number of people to the state convention). 

Below are the candidates we will be nominating at the Dallas County Convention. Note that additional candidates, whose districts cover more than one county, will be nominated at the March 22 district conventions. Also remember that NOTA (none of the above) is always a choice.
Find all Texas LP candidates here, with website, Facebook, e-mail information:

Justice of the Peace - Precinct 4, Place 1
- Esperanza Garcia-Weller

Dallas County Judge
- Preston Poulter

Texas House District 100
- Brian Chapman

Texas House District 105
- W. Carl Spiller

Texas House District 112
- Michael Binkley

Texas House District 114
- Thomas Griffing

Texas Senate District 16
- Mike Dooling

Texas Senate District 23
- Jonathan F. Erhardt

US Rep. Sitrict 30
- Max W. Koch III

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We will hold all Dallas County precinct conventions simultaneously at the Elbow Room on Tuesday, March 11, at 7:00 PM.
The main purpose of the precinct convention will be to elect delegates to the March 15 county convention. If you wish to be a delegate to the county convention, you MUST attend the precinct conventions here on March 11 (unless you know someone else from your precinct who will attend and elect you).
- You must be a registered Dallas County voter (it will be very helpful if you bring your voter card). Voters from other counties should contact their county's LP to find out their convention location.
- State law allows you to participate with only one party each year, so you must NOT have voted in the primaries or conventions of other parties. So do not vote in the March 4 primaries if you want to participate in our conventions.

We will have all of the paperwork ready for everyone and help with completing it. For all the details, the County Chair's Handbook, pages 6-8, has a thorough description of how the precinct conventions work:
Read more here:

If you cannot make the precinct conventions, there is still a chance for you to participate. Come to our County Convention on March 15, take the oath of affiliation, and we may elect you as a delegate to the District and/or State conventions. Be advised, you will not be able to vote at the county convention itself, and it will be up to the county convention delegates to elect you (for example, we can only send a finite number of people to the state convention).

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UPDATE: NOTE THE NEW SCHEDULE, including an informal candidate meet and greet prior to the speaker panel. There will be more updates this week. Sorry, we are still trying to pick up the pieces from last week’s cancellation.


On Saturday, Dec. 14th, the Libertarian Party of Dallas County (LPDC) will host a speaker panel at the Hyatt Regency DFW inside DFW airport. All are welcome to attend, and there is no charge.

The topic for the panel will be the Surveillance State, and we will discuss all matters of NSA spying in particular, and government snooping in general. However, the panel will consist of both experts in the field of security as well as special interest groups.


6:30pm – Candidate Meet ‘n’ Greet
8:00pm – Speaker Panel on the Surveillance State

Hyatt Regency DFW (Click for Map)
Munson’s Room, next to Ace’s Lounge
2334 North International Parkway
DFW Airport, Texas 75261

Panel Lineup:

Gregory Foster, EFF-Austin (
Rodney Caston, information security consultant (
(Two More Speakers in the Works)

We will be located in Munson’s Room which is right next to the lobby bar, Ace’s Lounge. Food and beverage will be available throughout the night to be ordered by individuals through the bar.

Requested Menu:


Western Wings – $11 (Aces Menu)
Flatbread Pizza – $12 (Aces Menu)
Local Burrata Mozzarella – $9 (Aces Menu)


Smoked Turkey Panini – $12 (Aces Menu)
Tex-Hill Burger – $14 (Aces Menu)
Strawberry Path Salad – $8 (Aces Menu)
Wild Salmon – $23 (Jacob’s Menu)
Grilled All Natural NY Strip – $26 (Jacob’s Menu)


Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – $11 (Aces Menu)
Bananas Foster Creme Brulee – $12 (Aces Menu)
White Chocolate Mousse – $11 (Aces Menu)

There will also be a limited number of hummus and garlic appetizers served buffet-style upon arrival, courtesy of the LPDC.

This meeting is in part to welcome our leadership from the LNC (Libertarian National Committee) which will be visiting DFW on Dec. 7th and 8th for their business meeting.

Come everyone, and bring a friend! :D

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Libertarian Party of Dallas County Opposes Mayor Rawlings’ Stance on Gun Control

The Libertarian Party of Dallas County unequivocally condemns and opposes the sentiments of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings on the issue of additional federal gun control in the United States. Mayor Rawlings is on record saying that he supports the recent proposals of President Obama to further restrict the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

The specific bans and regulations which Mayor Rawlings has endorsed include a ban on certain modern rifles (aka “assault weapons”), magazine limits set to no more than 10 rounds, and even more restrictive background checks on American citizens before they may purchase a rifle or gun.

Above all else, no pragmatic issue usurps the gun rights of free people. The Constitution of the United States of America, the highest law of our land, encapsulates the basic civil and human rights of all American citizens, and among these most basic individual rights is the 2nd Amendment. The federal government has often used national tragedies as a tool to extract even more of our basic freedoms and liberties from us, and the recent mass shootings are just another springboard to that agenda. This cycle must end now.

Many of the “military-style” features of modern rifles which appear to the be subject of the proposed bans are merely “look cool” asthetics, or simply make the rifle easier to use or handle. The semi-automatic technology of these devices has existed for over 100 years and makes up the vast majority of all firearms currently on the
market, civilian or otherwise. Destructive devices and fully automatic firearms are regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and subsequent federal laws already on the books.

What about magazine round limits? A quick search of the internet will show just how quickly magazines can be exchanged by someone who practices the technique for a short period of time. (The practiced time is usually less than two seconds.) Magazine bans would only inconvenience home invaders, but render home defenders, who do not have the element of surprise on their side, much more vulnerable. The limit of 10 rounds is an arbitrary number anyway. Police, who most often arrive at the scene after a crime has been committed, will likely not be held to such round limits because it is assumed that they have a need for as many bullets as they can manage. Why, then, is that need not translated to the citizen who is imminently threatened and arguably even more in need of those extra rounds?

It is frightening – in the wake of new federal activity after 9/11 including the Patriot Act, NSA and FBI wiretapping, NDAA, the suspension of habeas corpus, a disastrous police state, and an interventionist foreign policy – that the federal government now wants to further restrict and screen the eligibility of gun ownership of American citizens through increased background check scrutiny. Since problems such as anorexia, ADHD, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, among others, are now classified as “mental illnesses”, over 40% of Americans will now suffer from a “mental health issue” at some point in their lives by definition. According to present law, this can legally disqualify them from ever being able to own a firearm, regardless of any treatment or recovery. It is clear that increased background check regulations will only seek to further disqualify mainstream Americans from owning modern firearms.

In addition, the so-called “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror” have caused far more gun violence, both at home and overseas, than all lunatic murderers put together. Psychotic killing sprees are tragic, make headlines, and fuel the public debate, but it must be understood that these events represent a tiny minority of all violence. The government is violent and uses force as a matter of routine policy.

Finally, none of the proposed changes would have prevented tragedies like the Sandy Hook or Aurora mass shootings, because mentally disturbed individuals intent on random killings by definition do not obey laws, and will always work around the law to kill and create havoc. Outside of the law, the black market always has a supply of arms which have been banned or regulated by governing bodies, and therefore only the law-abiding citizen suffers from bad gun policy.

Mayor Rawlings acknowledged the diverse and firmly held opinions on this issue in Texas and across the United States, but then stated “All I’m speaking for are the citizens of Dallas”. No, sir, you are not.

We urge all rational and thinking citizens of Dallas to oppose Mayor Rawlings’ stance in support of Obama’s further gun control priorities. Considering the fact that over half of Texans are gun owners (including the mayor himself), we strongly feel that Rawlings is not representing the people of Dallas with his recent comments. We further urge every citizen to write their representatives in U.S. House and Senate to oppose all further gun control measures in the United States. Our liberty demands it.

Paul Petersen
Chair, Libertarian Party of Dallas County

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The Libertarian Party of Dallas County is pleased to present our
February Newsletter!

Have something you want to say about the politics of freedom? An issue
you have been following? An upcoming local event? We are always
looking for submissions, even short items. Visit our Newsletter page for guidelines.

Marketing Committee Meeting February 16

We are holding a marketing committee meeting on Saturday, February 16,
5:00 PM at the Panera Bread, 7839 Park Lane in Dallas. Everyone is
welcome. Bring your ideas for promoting freedom! Possible items for
discussion include:

LPDC Membership Levels
Future Speaker Events
Libertarian Toastmasters
Another Locked and Loaded Event
Improving our online content
and much more!

See the Meetup here.

Local Candidates

It is not too late to fight for liberty right here and this year! The
filing period for local elections is going on NOW, with a deadline of
March 1 for most offices. Contact me if you would like more
information about running for local office (my information is below).
We can help you find what races are going on in your area, how to
file, and what reports are needed.

Shop on Amazon, Help LPDC

You can help the LPDC while you shop! Just click the link below before
making purchases on Amazon. There is no extra cost to you. Just click the link below before logging in, shop normally, and LPDC gets a small commission for each purchase. It's an easy way to support our efforts here in Dallas County!

Thanks Everyone!

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The December 2012 LPDC Newsletter is now available! Download it here.

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Patriot Act, NDAA, and the Zumba Prostitution List

In the below article on the release of a list of people who the government states engaged in prostitution with a local Zumba instructor. Some of the people on the list apparently sought to stop the release of the list. The judge is quoted as saying "The principle that court proceedings are public is essential to public confidence...If persons charged with crimes could withhold their identities, the public would not be able to monitor proceedings to observe whether justice has been done and to observe whether certain defendants may have received favored treatment."

Too bad this thinking is lost in the Patriot Act and NDAA settings.

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Libertarian Party of Dallas County October Newsletter
Ed Kless - On Obamney and the Republicrats
Seth Hollist - The Real Problem with Health Care
Dave McElwee - Kelly Hancock is a Political Coward
"Kilroy Kingbreaker" - The Myth of Consent
Garry Reed - “Why I'm not a libertarian” – Again

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The Libertarian Party of Dallas County and the Texans for Gary Johnson campaign are sponsoring free yards for Dallas residents and businesses.
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