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Losing is the new winning, with Trump. Let's review:

President Trump has screwed up his muslim ban, twice.

President Trump has failed to replace Obamacare, and his version, DonTcare, would have kicked 24 million Americas off healthcare if he had passed it. Trump promised DonTCare would cover more Americans, not millions fewer.

President Trump has no plan to "win against ISIS", in spite of promising to have one in the first 30 days of his administration. His self-imposed deadline timed out a month ago.

President Trump has needlessly insulted and upset nations around the world, China, Germany, and Great Britain.

Looking forward to the chaos that comes next, as he tackles tax reform (giveaways to the 1%). At some point ordinary Americans will be marching on D.C. with pitchforks and flaming torches.

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Berliners express solidarity with Londoners tonight. The Brandenburg gate is one of Berlin's and Germany's most meaningful national landmarks. Tonight, the Union Jack is projected on it.

In 2007, Obama asked permission to speak at the Gate. Merkel declined, so Obama switched the venue to the nearby Großer Stern, to address the massive crowds. It's obvious Trump can't fill Obama's shoes.

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Everybody needs a hobby.
Shea, from Sacramento, draws portraits on Etch-a-Sketches.

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Things they found hilarious, forty years ago.

To be honest, it was a bit vieux chapeau even then.


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GOP postpones vote on its own garbage healthcare bill.
Tremendous failure of leadership by Donald Trump.
Not only is trump failing with his signature issues: muslim ban, immigration, foreign relations, and now healthcare. His administration and campaign is also under FBI investigation for collusion with Russia.

Trump promised we would "win so hard we will be sick of winning". I'd be happy if Trump could just slow down the mounting number of his failures.

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Problems, real and perceived.

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The Koch brothers are openly bribing GOP congressmen, to vote against the Trumped-up healthcare repeal. The Kochs think the bill is not savage enough, does not throw enough Americans off health care. So they want it to fail.

I predict Trump's healthcare bill will fail like his muslim ban failed. There will be a round 2, as with the muslim ban. That will fail too.
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