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If you are in the military and use a CAC reader on your chromebook you might want to wait to update. I just updated to version 58.0.3029.140 on kevin and my CAC Smart Card reader no longer works.

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Does anyone use ms office suite and is there more functionality available on the paid service on a chromebook or is it a waste of money? Yes I know everything that google offers but conversion with work documents is very difficult--especially when working with advanced publishing documents.

If I want all the capabilities of MSOffice, do I need to pay for the subscription or does the online version give me the same capapbilities

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How can $5 in plastic and ports cost that much. Greed has sealed the demise of what could have eliminated the 2 in 1 market.

Why is it that certain items remain on the new release list for so long? Loved Shannara Chronicles. Binged it. I think it's on the new release list though for over 6 months. Obviously they are slow in adding "new" content.

I have the original HP14. Had it for almost 5 years. Worked great till I power washed it and gave it to my son. He then set up his profile and added me as a user. Two days later he started having issues. From login, keyboard and mouse immediately fail to work. 30 seconds later screen goes black. It's only his profile. I log in as user and works fine but I don't have access to settings. He logged in from another computer and deleted extensions and programs. Still no luck. How do I power wash it? Is there a power button hold reset type option?

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I share this with the world...Not so they read the article but instead the comments. Maybe Google will hear us! +1 the comments if you are sick of Google constantly creating more apps rather than fixing what's already there.

I appreciate every negative comment the big press/media/news has for Trump as it reaffirms they SUCK! Thank you for removing the fleece.

Society in decline. Pluralism causing confusion.
How the hell did media flip so fast from hanging Hillary's dirty laundry (emails) to now defending her because of how it was obtained (Russia???). Note that Julian already said his source wasn't Russia but it makes good news, so why not accuse Putin? Media hung the emails in front of everyone and NOW are trying to make amends by questioning the impact on our election. Wake up! Will you villify the guilty, or waive their guilt because of how the evidence was obtained? And when you answer, pause and remember she is trying to become President. Her career is riddled with ethical questions and now we try to defend her when proven guilty because of how it was obtained??

For the first time I think Obama may be correct in asking if there's hope for America. How is the public so easily confused?

#Hillary #Putin #Asange #Media #election
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