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Brie “Brie” Sheldon
BrieCS is: They/he. Writer, designer, editor, gamer, feminist, fanpeep. ~*~Say no to fascism.~*~
BrieCS is: They/he. Writer, designer, editor, gamer, feminist, fanpeep. ~*~Say no to fascism.~*~

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Look at your life, look at your choices.

Be better.

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Oh hey the internet's fucked.
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Looking for more articles that talk about inclusivity in games? Check out the always incredible Black Girl Nerds Blog and their recent article by Lauren Frazier about Why More Black Women Should Play Tabletop RPGs.

If you don’t read the blog Black Girl Nerds, you should. Today, they’ve got an awesome article up by Lauren Frazier. It’s about why more black women should play tabletop RPGs. It’s a great article detailing some of the issues and benefits about joining a…
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Chag Chanukah sameach, my friends who recognize.

Your lives, identities, and culture are vital, and I will do my best to help maintain them. The years have not been kind, but we can make a better future.

We will make a better future.
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#12rpg question 6 just on here:

I don't super have design/game crushes! Not much anyway. Like I have regular crushes (platonic/romantic/sexy kind), but rarely do I get any real "I will buy anything this person makes" thing.

I once played in every game +Will Hindmarch offered at Metatopia.

I managed to ensure that I had the perfect table for a game of Sagas of the Icelanders with +Jason Morningstar.

I gave my therapist a copy of The Romance Trilogy by +Emily Care Boss.

Stuff like that is how I roll, I think. I love a lot of people's designs but I try to separate from the person, though I'm sure I fail on the regular.
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Just got my final grade for my Ethics course

They don't offer A+'s at DUQ

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On "Boys"
This is a diversion from games but related to my typical work and my current look into masculinity with Posers , and is as-of-now an unpaid post. Mike Rugnetta wrote two posts on the subject of the McElroy Brothers and the use of the term "boy." I found it ...
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Hey friends,

I wanted to share something I found while in school this semester about pronouns. Hope you like it! Might be useful for academics.
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