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Hi-5 @Robinson's Malls
Hi-5 @ Robinson's Malls 1,2,3,4... Hi-5! Everyone's favourite mall is bringing every kid's favorite playmates from Disney Junior - Hi-5! Of course, my little tot surely did not wanna miss meeting Joe, Lachie, Bailey, Courtney, and Shay  in their first inter...

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Millennial Mom's Picture-Perfect
Our family has just come home from a weekend of an intimate celebration of Charley's birthday. Yes, that meant a weekend full of chasing, throwing a fit, trying to go through a full 5-course meal in peace (and failing), and not destroying anything in the ho...

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Mommy Hack: Having a KidSafe Halloween
Having a KidSafe Halloween For most Filipinos,
Halloween (All Souls Day & All Saints Day) means mini family reunions…in
the cemetery. Growing up, I also looked forward to such events because that
means I could play with my cousins all day and all night long...

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Bath Time Fun with Baby Care Plus
Bath Time Fun with Baby Care Plus  If there's one thing Charley and I have in common is our love for water. We enjoy going to the beach almost every week if our schedules (yes, Charley has her own schedules, too!) allow us. So, if we're stuck in the city fo...

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Mommy Hacks: Why VitaCubes is Too Good for Kids (and Mommy's Sanity)
Mommy Hacks: Why VitaCubes is Too Good for Kids (and Mommy's Sanity) Early this October, Charley and I both got sick at the same time; she with a viral infection and I with a bacterial one. So, for almost a week, we made Makati Med our family  tambayan . It...

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10 Years with Mary
10 Years with Mary Today,
August 15, the Catholic community celebrates Mary’s assumption to heaven, and
my 10 th school year in Assumption San Lo. That means I have
celebrated 10 special masses with my Assumptionista girls, have eaten 10 slices
of Assumptio...

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Park Day for the Watermelon Babies (PlayWorks Playschool)
Park Day for the Watermelon Babies (PlayWorks Playschool, Makati)  Before
the summer class ended, parents of the babies in Watermelon Class received a letter from PlayWorks regarding Park Day. The day promised fun-filled
activities for our toddlers at Salce...

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Cuts 4 Tots Glorietta
Cuts 4 Tots Glorietta  Baby
Charley was born with a round head full of hair. I was thrilled to get my hands
ready to style her hair with bows and ponytails; however, her locks took time
to grow and thicken. Sadly, they also did not grow evenly, so Baby Char...

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Gender-Base my Pwet!
Gender-base My Pwet!  Bookstores
like National Bookstore, Fullybooked,
Powerbooks, and Booksale are our
family’s must-go-to place whenever we go to malls. Often, we would give Baby
Charley the option to pick one book to take home as long as it’s (1) a

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Little Archers Learning Center
Little Archers Learning Center  One
of the playschools in our pooling list is the Little Archers Learning Center . We have heard lots about Little Archers even though it is quite new compared to other playschools. Their
first campus is in Mall of Asia in Pa...
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