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+Jez Gordon Word turd. If you feel so inclined, send me the d6 ruleset and I'll take a gander. 
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here's the streamlined version. I'd add two more stats to the 4 that's reccommended, based on what I've played 4 wasn't quite enough. for Hellboy I'd think about Brains, Brawn, Grit, Wits, Charm and [insert appropriate replacement for Dex here]
Really simple rule set? I'm at bar so can't look at it now. :)
about as simple as it getz
Reasons Mike's Mom is like the MiniSix pdf:

10. Freely available to anyone, anonymously.
9. Shorter than expected.
8. Lexical complexity suitable for a nine-year-old.
7. Way more popular in the late 80s.
6. I have images of both on my hard drive and look at them frequently, but haven't done anything with either for fear of it not living up to expectations.
5. Both can be started and finished in about ten minutes while sitting on the john.
4. Surprisingly flexible
3. Used to have a license, but now does anything
2. Once you're using it, it feels really familiar, like you've used it a hundred times before

and the number one reason Mike's Mom is like the MiniSix pdf...

1. could potentially give you a nasty virus.

ERI : on fire MIKE: owned
Worth noting I think Mike's the only person I would even try that with, btw.
I'm fucking dying laughing dude!!!
Good. I hope you passed that Spanish test the other day, Mister. I don't do comedy for slackers!
oh and curse you Mike. Now I wanna play Hellboy sumthin savage.
I will run a game. If I run it at 10-11pm would that work for you?
bah, no. I'm generally good from 8pm NZ.... which I think is about what... 3am your time? East Coast is about the worst place to hook up with at the mo.
Now I'm crying... What about in the am eastern?
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