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Stian Didriksen
I'm a code junkie and a pixel lover
I'm a code junkie and a pixel lover

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+Christina Eide check it!

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O.o …
Hey, can I borrow your phone char...ger... um, never mind. 
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Hey! I need name suggestions for a new company.
I'm an IT consultant specialized in making user friendly and intuitive application interfaces, particularly Web apps. I can work solo and deliver complete websites, but also in teams taking on designer and/or javascript/PHP/HTML roles.
The name could reflect any of that, for example a slogan could be "making apps less machine and more human".
But it needs to be a simple and English name, hopefully better than Didriksen Consulting AS.
The deadline is next Tuesday.
Any suggestions are very much appreciated :)
+David Deutsch +Torkil Johnsen +Jeff Channell +Daniel Chapman +Emmanuel Danan +Nicholas Dionysopoulos +Babs Gösgens +Amy Stephen +Matt Thomas +Richie Mortimer +Mark Simpson counting on you guys! :D

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+Christina Eide said YES!!!

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We made a horror movie! ;D


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Ninjaboard 1.1 is released! But no time for rest this weekend, have to focus on 1.2 now ;)

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