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I generally think Mr. Cockcroft is right on the money, and I've taken a great deal of his writings as gospel, but it is taking me a while to process this. The key, I think, is that they haven't gotten rid of sysadmins, they've just eliminated a great deal of the grunt work and delegated a great deal of power to the developers.

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I love my nest thermostat, and I'm glad Nate had the balls to take it apart so I could see the insides.

5 days till move-in to new house

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I'm really looking forward to this. On a kid-safe sem-indestructible android tablet, this would be king.
The Khan Academy iPad app is coming along really well. We're getting near to a 1.0 release. This initial release will have video navigation and viewing as well as an interactive transcripts and offline support. Exercises will be coming in the next release. I've tossed a couple (very alpha) screenshots here. Huge thanks to +Adam Ernst and +Jason Rosoff for making this happen.

Support for other platforms (Android, iPhone, etc.) is coming soon, we wanted to get this first version out and people using it right away. The backend is written in a mixture of native code and HTML 5 (using jQuery Mobile). The full source code can be found on Github:
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