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He is the funniest comedian of all time!!!! Back for more!

I have to say that today's US World Cup game (the uppercut that was that horrendous red card call, followed by the combo roundhouse kick to the face that was the re-kick call, craziness with the US down a person for 45 minutes...and the unbelievable header at the absolute last minute of overtime to tie it and finally winning the game in a shootout) was absolutely the greatest soccer game I've ever seen in my life.

I'm digging the Google+ so far. I think it does a much better job at doing what Social Media set out to do in the first place: 1) Allows me to interact differently with each group of people, i.e. family, coworkers, friends, like-minded professionals; 2) Permission-based "Circling", i.e., in reality, I don't care what people I went to High School with are doing today because we are totally different people today than we were 12 years ago. I've realized that besides the initial, "Oh...there is X. I wonder what he/she is doing nowadays? Oh, they are married with 2 kids. Cool." There is no change in who I talk to and communicate with on a daily basis. Absolutely NO ONE that I am now Facebook "friends" with (after maybe one message exchange with the usual pleasantries) have I put into my online/mobile rolodex of people I talk with on a daily basis...NO ONE; 3) Combines all elements of "online-ness", i.e., my gmail contacts, chat, video chat, bookmarking, liking, emailing, etc. all in one place.

So far so good.
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