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Is there a kind of equation or something where a monsters diversity of power relative to the PC's indicates its appropriateness for adventure?

Like; if a monster is clearly and obviously more powerful than the PCs in a very particular way, but also weaker in a very particular way, then that provokes a kind of ideal response in adventure terms?

So - in my Obsidian Shore game, these Swine Kings are essentially Chariot-Riding Ogre-Pigs. Really big and strong with a shitload of hitpoints, but also dumb (low INT and WIS) and slow (low DEX), with rally obviousl drives and desires. This presented a clear and obovious threat to the PC's (they were worried and scared by the amount of damage they had to do to these guys) and also some ways to deal with them; using foolery and spells to take advantage of that low WIS and creating situational events that took advantage of their clumsyness.

Jeffs BSF Giants are another example of this Big-But-Dumb trope. The very fact that the monster presents an overwhelming pshysical threat pushes most smart PCs away from a direct encounter, the fact that they have situational flaws based on their social setup and intellectual weakness means PCs investigating the environment and searching for information are rewarded.

Keils alt-version of this, the Pigmys in BitCh, are individually weaker, numerous and carry these freaky drug effects. So in this case you can physically overpower them one-on-one but are going to be terrified of them en-mass. So that, again, provokes a particular way of inestigating and manipulating the adventure world. Its a provokation to think in a particular way.

And of course we can imagine high-grogism or End-Boss monsters where they are simply-very-powerful and the action they are provoking is just-play-better across all values and possibilities.

But yeah; a Threat Diversity Quotient or something seems like it might be a useful intellectual conception?

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('Cordyceps Engine' was another possibility.)
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Terrible placeholder post. Feel free to improve in comments.

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People said spending all our marketing budget on witchcraft was a mistake. WELL WHO LOOKS CRAZY NOW?>?!?!

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The Apotheosis of 40K

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Anyone know anything about these guys? Or their games?

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