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Writer. There's a blog.


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Reactionary Chav Anime

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I want to live inside this documentary.

What terrible thing happened around 1015 - 1040 CE that I can blame Millennials for?

I'm just really into blaming millennials for stuff right now.

We've nearly got them on the Battle of Hastings but I think it might be a generation too late.

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Comment on the blog lead me to this word;

Which lead to this website;

With this insane list of alternate histories;

Which, because its given in chronological order, according to the date of divergence, mixes together alternates from different periods of culture (most 20th Century), with the oldest being this;

And its amazing what you can intuit from the style and nature of the titles.

In this series of essays by Joseph Edgar we get this;

"Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar. "If the Philharmonia Had Not Given Concerts at Vicenza"

Divergence: c 1550 CE

What if: Musicians did not join to form the Philharmonia in the mid 1500s.
Summary: There would be no professional musician class today and music would not be divided between classical and popular.

Published: In The Ifs of History, q.v."

Wouldn't that be a trip?

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Here's an extra I didn't find space for;

"- The Brethren of the Free Spirit

"The Berghards, or Brethren of the Free Spirit, who claimed to be in a state of grace without benefit of prist or sacrement, spread not only doctrinal but civil disorder. One of the sects of volountary povery that perenially rose against the establishment, ............. Because the Free Spirits believed God to be in themselves, not in the Church, and considered themselves in a state of perfection, without sin, they felt free to do all things commonly prohibited to ordinary men. Sex and property headed the list. They practiced free love and adultery and were accused of indulging in group sex in their communal residences. They encouraged nudity to demonstrate absence of sin and shame. As "holy beggars," the Brethren claimed the right to use and take whatever they pleased, whether a market woman's chickens or a meal in a tavern without paying. This included the right, because of God's immanence, to kill anyone who forcibly attempted to interfere.


In monk-like robes deliberately ragged, the Brethren of the Free Spirit cluttered the towns like sparrows, preaching, begging, interrupting church services, scorning monks and priests. Drawn from clerks, students, dissenting clergy, and from the propertied class, especially women, they were articulate and usually literate. Women, out of their frustrations and search for ecstasy, were prominent among the mystics. In the Beguines they had a sect of their own, a lay order that followed its own religions rule of good works and, when nunneries had no room, provided a place for unmarried women and widows, or, as a bishop wrote in criticism of the Beguines, a retreat from the "coercion of marital bonds." Members joined the beguiines by taking an oath of dedication to God before a parish priest or other clerics, but the the movement was never quite sanctioned by the Church. At street meetings the beguines read the Bible translated into French.

While the Bretheren of the Free Spirit admitted both sexes, its two major gospels were written or formulated by women, one a shadowy figure known only as Schwester Katrei, the other named Marguerite Porete, who wrote The Mirror of Free Souls and was excommunicated and burned along with her book in 1310. Following her, the daughter of a rich merchant of Brussels known as Bloemardine attracted fervent disciples by her preaching.

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What should Jaghatai Khan RIDE?

Presumably, at some point, they are bringing all the Primarchs back so he will probably be amongst them, and his whole thing was riding things around so he is going to need something. So what?

(You can add your own if you like.)
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