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Writer. There's a blog.

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I've got a sale on my print zines for the next two weeks! Two weeks where A Random Encounter can be got in print for a bit less than the last year!

Always wondered about how Yoon-Suin got started?
Find out in Issue 1 where I talk to +David McGrogan!

Ever asked yourself how Into The Odd came into being?
I asked +Chris McDowall all about it for Issue 2!

Who is that masked man stalking you through your dreams, stealing your weird thoughts and crafting them into RPG gold?
...To be fair, it's unlikely that it is +Patrick Stuart... I know, I know, it would explain a lot, but you'll just have to read Issue 3 to find out how he makes such wonderful toys!

All three issues are on sale until January 18th, feel free to tell your family, friends, enemies, frenemies and passers-by in the street. Or alternatively, do pass this on to someone who you think will be interested. I'm massaging the art fund for one or two projects for the first half of 2017 :)

Thanks for reading!

Do you want to read the 40k headcannon I wrote for the Rainbow Warriors Space Marines chapter in 40k when I remembered they existed and realised Games Workshop were inevitably going to come up with some boring canon for them where there is some grim shitty reason for them being called the Rainbow Warriors instead of just being ridiculous and probably they were just going to re-name them the 'Spectrum Warriors'

Yeah, probably because they do 'full spectrum' warfare or something FUCK

Well you are going to now

Homeworld is Prism

Lost thier chapter master in the Blood Star campaign. - FACT, check lexicanium

They should be experts at fighting UNDERWATER
And they are friends with the megafaune of their own ocean world
And the megafauna are technically intlligent aliens but the rainbow warriors LIE to the inquisition
and the ordo Xenos to keep hanging out with their buddies
and they are under interdiction with the Ordo Xenos becasue of it
and their chapter fortress monestary is UNDERWATER at the bottom of the ocean
They specialise in all kinds of freaky environments, especially underwater and deep space
They have special aqua packs, jet packs that work underwater
And they have submersible craft that they can pick up and move around in space ships
They recruit from the aquatic tribes of Prism who migrate in small craft through the drowned hive cities
Drowned becasue DEMONS melted thier ice caps during the Horus Heresy
Yes it was super hot demons that did that, now they super hate demons, even more than usual
and beating up demons is their favourite thing to do
But Tzeenth loves the ocean and he is always tryna get in their sea!
So they have to out-wit him.
Plus Slaneeshy demons like to swim as well.
Khorne & Nurgle not fond of the ocean. Nurgle likes the deep parts a bit. Khorne DOES NOT SWIM.
And the upper atmosphere of Prism is full of crystals and chaff
(Which is actually a relic of an eons-old Age of Strife battle against the machines, its from failed nanotech or something
But whatever, it means in daytime the sky in Prism is FULL OF RAINBOWS and can blind you of you look at it
Even at night the stars are all full of wild spectra
Thats where the Rainbow Warriors got thier name from, from the tribes of Prism, becasue they take super-hard fighters, like even more dangerous than Kevin Costner in Waterworld, and take them up above the Ronbow sky to fight
Also the sticking-up parts of hives and megacities and crashed ships and watever and fallen space hulks are the only islends or land and are dangerous and full of monsters sometimes, but everything is full of monsters on Prism, except the sky, which is trying to blind you.
It is an exciting life on the Rainbow Deathworld!
The Rainbow Warriors are considered suspciously chill by the Imperium. They clearly don't hate Xenos near enough, they hang out too much with the tribes of Prism and sometimes will have a giant barbacue of a big squid with them heated up with a melta gun, the Inquisition suspects they are going light on the Hypno-Indoctrination in order to maintain "flexible battle tactics" but possibly is HERESY.
Also reported they will hang out in the old hypno tanks just for fun sometimes
They still super hate demons though so the Ordo Malleus are ok with them and malleus are kinda the cool kids of the Inquisitoin which pisses off the Ordos Xenos, Ordo Heretics and Ordo Astartes
They favour spears, bolt weapons and missile launchers (will work underwater)

newsflash to self - still can't spell 'their' without help

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Tell me nerds, give me your knowledge.

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Matt Holland is exactly my kind of weirdo.

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I made a review of +Patrick Stuart and +Scrap Princess's Fire on the Velvet Horizon.

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A message from our head of marketing.

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