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Tobie Abad
"Why should my opinion matter?" Geek. Gamer. Out and Proud.
"Why should my opinion matter?" Geek. Gamer. Out and Proud.

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A Single Moment part of Bundle of Two!
The Bundle of Holding is currently having the Bundle of Two, a collection of two-player table top game - whether it is for two players or for one GM and one player, with 10% of the sales to be given to the Human Rights Watch charity! Wonderfully, they've ch...

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Not Even Love Lasts Forever : M.O.D.E.L.S.
02/28/2016 Not Even Love Lasts Forever M.O.D.E.L.S. I was able to have a second playtest of my super spy game called M.O.D.E.L.S. which draws greatly from shows like Alias, video games like No One Lives Forever, and movies like Zoolander.  I was lucky enoug...

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Sneak Peeks at Things Coming Soon
Yep, it has been a very busy creative journey. Bonus points for those who can name each one. :-)

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Today is February 2, 2017
Cold Shadows has hit 15k, which means it has unlocked all its stretch goals. Bad Timing was first released last year on this day, in many ways formally giving birth to TAG Sessions as a publishing line. I submitted a lecture proposal to the Casual Connect S...

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Cold Shadows on Kickstarter has just launched! Whooo hoo!
Cold Shadows  is a tabletop roleplaying game built on the ruleset developed in  Blood & Honor  by  John Wick Presents  and  World of Dew  by  Woerner Wunderwerks.   Cold Shadows  is a narrative tabletop role-playing game where the rules are focused on telli...

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The Nisab Diary ep08 : 7th Sea
11/09/2016 The Nisab Diary "Curses" Episode Eight - 7th Sea Things quickly spiral in other directions as the group learns more about the company they are with. Adeliadis reveals to Jan Volta that she is aware of ways to make one unnoticed by the dievas, adm...

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Dreamchasers Kickstarter is live!
And already fully funded!  Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny is a tabletop roleplaying game that rewards imagination—rewards creativity. A game that empowers players to immerse themselves into their own desires, their own fantasies. A game that doesn't tell y...

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Victory Condition Gaming talks about Cold Shadows
The Kickstarter for Cold Shadows is launching at the end of this month, and I'm extremely grateful to be part of that project.   Alan Bahr , the brains behind the game, was interviewed on Victory Condition Gaming and even mentioned me, which is super awesom...

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Changes, Adjustments, and Learnings
This year is a year born from having survived a tumultuous year filled with numerous challenges.  But from dreaming of leaving a mark on the tabletop gaming industry, I begin 2017 with high hopes of new experiences, new friends, and more games. There's a fe...

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It is almost here...
The preview is up. And I am holding back tears of joy.
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