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Platte Clark
Author, blues enthusiast, avid indoorist
Author, blues enthusiast, avid indoorist


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Read an excerpt about Princess the Destroyer and her wizard, Magar the Tolerated. You may never be able to hang tassels on a unicorn again. 

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At the risk of crossing FB with Google + and imploding the universe, the official FB page for my MG Novel BAD UNICORN is up. Feel free to like it if you're so inclined (doing so is the only way I know of to keep from getting gored by a rampaging unicorn -- just saying.) Thanks! 

Oh Netflix. You had two real competitive advantages: you were early in the streaming game, and you could supplement the service via DVD's by mail. Now you've gone and demarcated streaming from the DVD business, and increased your rates to have both by 60%. You have too many competitors waiting in the wings. Redbox will destroy your DVD's by mail value proposition; and Hulu will be bought by Google or and they'll come charging into the streaming video space. So goodbye--it's been nice knowing you.

Finally watched the last Harry Potter movie. I suppose I'm a bit of a laggard in that respect. I liked it, except for the part Voldemort could sense Harry across the whole of creation, but not notice him peering in through a window. I'm just saying.

Swimming through a general state of annoyance. Need puppy to kick.
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