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yeah, i did post this on facebook. and now i posted it here. with the same caption.

give them hell, Mr. Black. Give. Them. Hell.

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i should probably stoip asking cleverbot deep philosophical questions....

some of our conversation from earlier went like this:
CB:"I didn't die.. Look I'm still alive."
Me:"You never were alive, how could you still be something that you never were?"
CB:"Aha, the game is on you, old boy. Denial is the first step toward acceptance! Good, very good."
CB:"Very aggressive of you. you still require much training."

come on, that was passive aggressive at best.

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the Dalai Lama nails it again. get 'em DL

am i the only cyclist in Chicago who is against Critical Mass? i believe it's directly antithetical to the points of traffic alleviation and fossil fuel conservation; and by completely ignoring all traffic laws and associated considerations of transportation etiquette, CM makes our case weaker, not stronger.

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again, i don't know why i re-post stuff that Wil posts. if he's not in at least one of your circles, you probably don't deserve his posts anyway.
Spotted on Tumblr. I love this so much, it's going on the Wall of Inspiration by my desk, next to my Cult of Done Manifesto and Ira Glass' Crossing The Gap thing.

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she shouldn't just not be president, she should be jailed: "Bachmann is not only wrong here, she is engaging in fearmongering that encourages people to break the law. And in doing so, she's falsely telling people that the Constitution would support them."

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how have i never seen this?

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"...But in Rick Perry's America, you may want to home school. Texas ranks first in the nation in adults without high school diplomas. The future also doesn't look so bright for all those precious little ones when it comes to health insurance and potential jobs: Texas boasts another first in the nation in the percentage of children without health insurance and, in 2010, Texas tied with Mississippi for the highest percentage of workers employed in minimum-wage jobs. No wonder Governor Perry wants Texas to secede. It'd sure make [Texans] look less stupid."

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"Obviously if you steal jokes, you’re a [see you next tuesday]. I was just saying that I’m not going to hunt down joke thieves" [my edit]
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