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Today I finally found the time to build and benchmark #Cutelyst C++/Qt Web Framework on a +Raspberry Pi 2.

It managed to process a little more than 10 K requests per second saturating the 100 Mbps ethernet, this was using only 3 cores and 5 MB of RAM, the CPUs where around 80%, which means if it had a Gigabit it could probably get closer to 20 K req/s.

However having an spare CPU means it could do more processing than just replying a "Hello World!".

I'm quite happy it build, passed tests and worked properly without any change in code :)

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On the first preview round benchmark Cutelyst is 1st on Data Updates, and technically first on JSON serialization (using the numbers of last round and taking in account that the top performant are quite likely wrong results).

It seems that on Multiple Queries test Cutelyst need a Mongo DB test since the fastest results are all using it, although when PostgreSQL is used Cutelyst is again the top performant.

For "Single Query" and "Fortunes" benchmarks we are scoring half of the 1st when using PostgreSQL, so it seems that I need to take a closer look on what could be done.

So yeah, now I'm happy with the numbers :D

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Cutelyst on the news!

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Cutelyst 1.5.0 C++/Qt Web Framework released!

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Cutelyst 1.5.0 C++ Web Framework released!

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Cutelyst 1.5.0 is out!

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Vending Machine powered by +Qt

Cutelyst-WSGI has now HTTPS or FastCGI over SSL support :)

Time to open another QtNetwork bug report, which will probably stay unnoticed like the other ones, but at least I can track them if I find time to fix them myself :P

I wonder if I'm doing something wrong when benchmarking Ghost,
npm start --production according to what I could find is what should be done, this can render only 100 req/s while nearly the same thing on CMlyst renders >3000 req/s
If Node is this slow I'm surprised people still use it...
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