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I made a website for calculating Diablo 3 damage and comparing weapons. Hopefully someone finds it useful.

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I'd watch it.

Made it safely into 2012. Will report back when I find gold.

Uninstalled Java, and suddenly Firefox starts up and closes in 2 seconds, rather than the 2 minutes I'd got used to.

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Managed to break my T-key when cleaning out the poor 10-year-old keyboard I've been using since forever, so I got a new one. Word on the street is that mechanical keyboards are the shit, so I went for the relatively cheap QPad MK-50 ( It seems nice enough so far, apart from the annoying blue LEDs (please stop using these, manufacturers), but will take some getting used to.

I've recorded a little webcam video if anyone's curious about how the keys sound when typing. This keyboard uses the Cherry MX Red switches.

Tried letting dad play the single-player campaign in Battlefield 3 with a gamepad. First map has a tutorial where you have to hold on to your gun through a quick time event. Tried alllll the buttons! Over and over! Still died!

Googling yields:
"Note that Quick Time Event inputs do not work on a plugged in gamepad if you are using such an interface device on the PC. You will need the keyboard and mouse buttons instead."

Cannot facepalm hard enough. Good work, Dice.

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Random Curiosity's seasonal preview of upcoming anime.

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Kenshin trailer.

Argued whether it was faster to find out your (public) IP by googling it with "ip" or by using ipconfig in a command window.

Turns out and handle the request completely differently -- in the case of, google itself will show your IP immediately, whereas you only get external search results from

Thanks for nothing, Swedish Google!
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