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We are having a BLOW-OUT sale on Fiberon Decking!

Visit our website for more information:

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Ted and Frank Sanford at the Camp Workcoeman Rifle Range dedication!

Six Green Kitchen Ideas

Energy Efficient Appliances – The first, and obvious, place to green any kitchen is in the selection of Energy Star® appliances. As an extra benefit, often times utility companies will offer rebates for homeowners who purchase models that exceed the minimum standard.

Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) – CFLs can save 75% of the electricity that incandescent bulbs use. Unlike older models, today’s CFLs offer a softer lighting than the cold, sterile lighting of the past. Although CFLs cost more than incandescent bulbs, they last eight times longer.

Cork Flooring – Cork flooring actually comes from the bark of trees, which is naturally shed every nine to 15 years, so no trees are destroyed for this material. Cork flooring is also considered a hypoallergenic material.

Low- or No-VOC Paints – Most major paint companies have a line of low- and no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. Typically, low-VOC paints cost the same as regular paint while no-VOC paints cost more, though the cost has come down in recent years.

Wheatboard & Cork Cabinets – Many cabinet manufacturers use rapidly renewable resources and salvaged materials in the construction of their cabinets. Wheatboard cabinets, which are covered with wood veneers, are one example. Cork cabinets are another. For the benefits of cork, see “cork flooring.”

Recycled Glass Countertops – That’s right, glass. A number of manufacturers nowadays make glass tiles out of recycled glass, which makes great backsplashes. Glass tiles do not emit volatile compounds or damage indoor air quality. These are just a few ideas to “green” up your next kitchen remodel.

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Enter our 2012 Summer Decking Contest!

If you have built a deck this season using decking material purchased from us then take a picture and submit it to!

Contest will run through October 31, 2012.

Job Site Tip: Bathroom Remodeling

Be sure to read these quick tips before starting your next bathroom remodeling project!

Radiant Floor Heating – No other room in the house can benefit more from warm tiles on bare feet.

Privacy Wall – More homeowners are choosing to wall-off the toilet to create a private space from the rest of the bathroom.

Vertical Storage – Unlike kitchens where storage bins can be deep to accommodate pots and pans, bathroom storage needs to be more vertical.

Design Ideas: Functional Kitchens

The primary objective in a functional kitchen is to create an efficient, effective work environment where even the most mundane of kitchen tasks are made easier. Consider these tips:

-Lower cabinets over countertops and choose lever or loop-type handles.
Install lazy susans and pull-out shelves with cutouts to hold bowls; use rolling carts to improve functionality.
-Create knee space under countertops to accommodate a person sitting in a chair or wheelchair; knee space under a sink can be accomplished by utilizing a sink with a rear drain.
-Locate light switches at a lower height while raising electrical receptacles 15 to 18 inches above the floor.

Stop in and visit us at any of our locations for more ideas!

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Buildings damaged and destroyed in last summer's tornado in West Springfield were taken down this week.

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Pig Roast 2012
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Check out our June newsletter!

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