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Matthew Dolmont
Mr. Matt, technology coach and teacher of small humans!
Mr. Matt, technology coach and teacher of small humans!


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The Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival is calling for submissions!

This third annual event will once again be a celebration of youth creativity and ingenuity. Kids from ages 8-18 are invited to submit their 5 minute film!

In the past, we've seen winning animations, documentaries, ghost stories, dramas, even introspective art films. Many written, shot, edited and directed by kids as young as 9 years old.

Check out for detailed rules and to find out how your kids or students can enter.

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Natural Disaster Game.
The Earthquake simulation gives students 20 minutes to upgrade a town, on a limited budget, to prepare for an upcoming earthquake.
Reading level high for G2, but with some prior knowledge about earthquakes and how to prepare for them, it's a great way to apply their knowledge and see how they do.

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Here's my slide deck from teKHin 2016's Minecraft presentation.

I've got the more wordy, expanded version in the comments below... including a hastily thrown together video for those who want more than the headings.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for #tekhin 2016, you are all awesome! (Sadly my camera was not, we'll share some better photos soon)
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Join me at tekhin 2016 to investigate integrating Minecraft into your units and lessons as a powerful, highly engaging learning tool.
And yes, you get to play it (no experience required!).

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Join me at tekhin 2016 to learn how you can build a Green Screen studio for less than $20.

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Deadline extension for get kids to start a movie now, there is still time!
Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival Update: MyTV Media Partnership & Deadline Extension!

PPYFF is coming soon, and MyTV has joined the team as an official media sponsor. They will send a news crew to the festival to interview the kid filmmakers, and the top shorts will be broadcast nationally on their network! Keep an eye out for our TV spot in the coming weeks. 

PPYFF has also decided to extend the submission deadlines. Movie makers now have until Friday 18 March to submit their shorts. Please continue to encourage and facilitate the young potential filmmakers in your life.

Visit for more information. Thank you.
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I purchased a few apps in a TinyBop bundle earlier this month. This is one of them! You can install it from the app store.
Simple Machines
Simple Machines

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SCRATCH: How to make a character walk!

Check out this scratch project and click "SEE INSIDE" to learn the code for making a character walk.

The most important part is designing COSTUMES for your SPRITES. Check out the costumes tab for this character too.

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Here are some tips for shooting video with a smartphone from the Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival:

-- Shoot Sideways, Never Up-and-Down. Your eyeballs are next to each other, right? Not one above the other! So always turn the phone sideways to shoot.

-- Go To The Light. Most smartphone screens don't work well in dark lighting. The best way to get rich, sharp, colorful images without grain or fuzziness is to shoot in well-lit conditions. Also, be sure to keep the light source at your back (and on your subject) so the image isn't backlit and shadowy. If your movie needs scenes at night or in the dark, experiment with lights that are brighter in real life than they will look in your footage.

-- Make Room On Your Phone! Back-up Footage! Be Ready to Re-Charge! Video takes up a lot of space on a phone. Make sure you've backed up and removed things that aren't necessary before you start your shoot. If possible, email your footage to yourself, back it up on the cloud, or straight to a computer and then delete it off the phone when it starts to fill up so you can keep rolling. Always have the phone charger handy.

-- Consider using Apps.
The best apps for filmmaking with your smart phone are fantastic, but they do cost money -- a lot less than buying a camera, however.

For iPhone, Filmic is $10 and for Android, Cinema FV-5 is $4.35 . Make sure you have parent permission before buying.
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