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My Child's Teacher is Talking About Retention. What Do We Do Now?
It's the time of the year when schools look at student progress and identify children who might need to repeat a grade.  Often they let parents know on the most recent report card or via a form letter.   If you are caught by surprise, it can throw you for a...

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Why I like Collecting lego minifigures

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The 200 Item Clothing Challenge.
As someone with ADHD,  I am always interested in ways to reduce unwanted distractions in my life.   A few years ago I started reading about people who had taken something called the "100 item challenge".  This is for folks who really want to live with the s...

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A Small Rant
So I'm going to lay it all out there.  Here goes. I work as a school counselor in a charter school with about 475 children.  I try to accomplish a 50 hour a week job in 25 hours a week, and I get paid for 15.  $16, 200 a year to be exact.  Seriously.  The n...

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My Child is Starting Kindergarten and It's NOT Going Well!
You guys were all ready.  New clothes, supplies, snacks, were all set.  He knew all his numbers and letters, and was even starting to read a few words.  This was gonna be awesome.  A picture in front of the house on the first day and she got on the bus or y...

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Stress and the Classroom Teacher
For about a year now I have been searching the internet
looking for research studies on teacher stress in American public schools.   I haven’t found any.   There have been some done in the UK, but I
haven’t found any here.   I started
looking because I want...

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How to Get to School On Time
For those who are now grumbling at me after the last post,
here is a follow-up.   Remember that I am
a chronically late person, and I live with three other people who have some
form of ADHD.   We are all recovering
“late-a-holics”.   Here are some things

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Why getting to school on time is really important.
This morning I spent some time in a classroom while their teacher was finishing a meeting.  The majority of children were there right on time and ready to begin.  The teacher assistant greeted the children at the door and gave them a warm-up work to do unti...

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"Who does this charter school belong to, anyway?"
I am fortunate to have worked at two different charter schools in several different capacities.  I am also the parent of children who attended a charter school where I worked as an assistant director.  I was one of a group of people that helped start a seco...

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Should We Return to the Same School in the Fall?
When I was a child, the concept of school choice did not exist.  There were private schools nearby, but to change public schools, you had to move to another local district.  Now we have much more choice, even in many rural areas.  Even in districts where th...
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