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Claire Louise Hodges
A 2D animator stuck in a CG world
A 2D animator stuck in a CG world
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Animation Update: Wall Dismount
A little test I did waaayyy back in June in lunchtimes and between projects. Hope you enjoy.

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So life!
Hi all!
Wow, it's been a while hasn't it?
Sorry for not keeping everything up to date, it's just been such a huge year! A FANTASTIC HUGE YEAR. Summer 2014  Where do I begin?

So I graduated from University of South Wales last year, had an amazing time there...

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Travelling Tipits - FMX 2014: Third day
Owwww.... Getting up that morning hurt... My friend's alarm kept going off and everything! Anyway, an extra 10 minute kip on the coach and into FMX day 3. This was the day I mostly split apart from the main group. Since we got there extra early I snuck into...

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From Start to Finish - PMF Director
Hi All, For my dissertation this year, for which I scored a high 2:1 - YEY, I studied the 12 principles of animation. More specifically my dissertation looked into the 12 principles and how they are applied differently to the different mediums. Eventually t...

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Painting Fun times: More alien mischeif
Now to animate.... Zekros in his bounty hunter garb, which glows in the dark.. he's pretty arrogant with his hunting, but likes to hear from the hunted's point of view; so he wants to be seen... Anyway he's holding his Salak Kahim, which loosely translates ...

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Painting fun times
Filed under 'This is not the work you should be doing' A quick colour and shade of my Alien character Zekros. His species, the Tharinos, have an adaptive carapace that allows them to adapt to most environments, however this does not account for clothing... ...

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Current Showreel: May 2014
Will give  a  better blog update soon! In the mean time please check out my new showreel: See you soon, Claire Hodges

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Horse development - Prance
We have to make making of videos... So I thought I would give you guys some thoughts behind my process! (Sorry for English, Sleep is for the weak, is my latest motto) See you soon, Claire

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Pigs May Fly: Poster Time
(Caution they are CMYK) Some posters I made for Uni to promote my work. Sorry for not posting much lately! My major deadline is Friday and well... There's so much to do!! See ya soon, Claire

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White Tiger: Rigging - Leg test
Using some MEL based scripting I have just started creating my leg rig. Please check it out. The difficulty of this rig, with regards to the feet, is the use of bipdeal rigging methods on a digigrade (?!) leg... So... a human leg rigging method on a leg wit...
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