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Nothing to see here.

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Apparently Siri has access to the info in your Withings app.

We have no idea who the Republican candidate will be. None.

Don't believe me?

At this point in 2007, Rudy Giuliani was leading the Republican field in our national NBC/WSJ poll at 30%, followed by Fred Thompson at 23%, the eventual winner John McCain at 15%, and Romney at 10%. And at this point in the 2007 Democratic race, Hillary Clinton was at 44%, followed by eventual winner Barack Obama at 23%, and John Edwards at 16%.


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Steve Sanders makes a great point in the latest post over at SCOTUSblog:

> A state cannot terminate your parental rights over your child without a hearing and evidence, but [states with same-sex marriage bans] think they can terminate your marriage with neither.

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SCOTUSblog is running a two-week series by legal scholars looking at same-sex marriage.

Today, William Eskridge makes the case for a narrow court decision based on Romer. His reasoning is too cautious for my taste. He argues that when the Supreme Court jumps in decisively on topics that divide the population, things don't go well (e.g. Roe v. Wade).

I think he underestimates the speed at which American opinion is shifting. Abortion is always going to be divided, but civil rights look blindingly obvious in retrospect. A big Supreme Court decision would result in headlines and then a shrug as life got largely back to normal.

A smaller victory in SCOTUS would be great for couples in California, but would do very little for couples in Alabama. I wonder how quickly another case would reach the court for nationwide decision.

Michele Bachmann says she would reinstate a ban on gay troops serving openly in the military.

No, really. She said this on CNN's Sunday show.

Here's what's fascinating to me about Michele Bachmann: Is she more dangerous because of her views, or because of her lack of understanding about government and politics?

Even Bush -- remember Bush? -- would have been more politician-y about it. Ditto Palin. Palin!

Let's set aside the question of whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly. To her, the answer is definitively and eternally no. Nothing is going to change her mind, because that's her reading of the Bible.

But she doesn't seem to understand that the president can't unilaterally instate a ban that Congress just overturned.

She doesn't seem to understand that re-instating DADT would punish anyone who came out in the time they were encouraged to.

It's like de-integrating the army.

If a Republican becomes president, I'll be disappointed. But if Bachmann becomes president, I will genuinely fear for my life and my family. Not just for the gay things.

The idea that such an ideologue could be in charge of nuclear weapons frightens me.

Can we talk about "sharia law?"

Whenever I hear it brought up as a threat to America, I roll my eyes with enough force that it must make a sound.

Boy, it sure would be awful if religion interfered with Americans' fundamental rights to freedom and liberty. It's a good thing the Constitution prevents Mormons and Catholics from forcing their principles on the citizenry.

Well, except to keep two dudes from marrying.

Oh wait: that's exactly what we're talking about.

Whenever sharia law is brought up, it's almost always in the context of stonings and beheadings -- the idea that it's a slippery slope from Islam-compliant banking to religiously-sanctioned murder.

Just as it's a slippery slope from same-sex marriage to bestiality.

Christian conservatives see everything as a slippery slope. Their world is made of icy mountains.

Of course, by conflating civil marriage and religious marriage -- and dictating who is allowed access to it -- they're the ones actually trying to enact sharia-style law in the U.S.

That's too subtle a point to register for them, of course. They'd rather pursue non-existent threats to a narrowly-drawn True American way of life.

I won't include a link, because it will only provide traffic for a spammer. But I do kinda love this terrible auto-generated review of FDX Reader:

> Back in May, you told you about FDX Reader. Recently, Quote-Unquote Apps has diminished an remodel to their romantic screenplay reader, origination it both some-more mobile and rebate expensive. Developed along with screenwriter John August, it is right away the customarily app on the App Store that will examination Final Draft screenplay files natively.

> fdxlistiphone The many suitable mobile screenplay reader customarily got some-more mobile: FDX Reader for iPhoneWhile many apps can examination PDFs, book readers don’t continually have opening to the PDF account or the time to have one. FDX Reader allows them to examination the Final Draft formatted book in the accessible and easy-to-use reader. Scripts can be visitor by controlling “Open In…” with an app such as Mail or Dropbox or by controlling iTunes jot down sync.

> Delivering this functionality to the reader’s container customarily creates sense. According to the website, “FDX Reader was redesigned from the martial up for the aloft jubilee of the mass believe on the not as large screen.” Portrait and Landscape views have been great for perceptive opening to the script, or stealing the integrate of pages knocked out on the bus, the plane, the at the back of of your limo, or even your morning run.

(Also, why doesn't Google+ have proper block quotes?)

Check out our fancy new videos for FDX Reader here:

/via Nima Yousefi

Toi on Sunset hasn't really changed in the six years since I last went. Which is both comforting and unsettling, because shouldn't it have changed a little?

It's a time capsule of the turn-of-the-millennium. It looks like a set.

It was less busy, certainly. And I felt like I was seeing the same clientele, only they were seven years older too, and had kids in tow.

No greater point, really. Just observing.

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Toldja! The Game!

“The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will allow experienced gamers, real-life Hollywood players, movie fans, and casual users to truly experience the grit, intrigue, and rivalry of the Hollywood industry. And just like the real town, this game is not for every schmo — only the strongest will survive.”

Such a great day to announce it, too, because everyone's talking about journalistic integrity.

I hope it's like Farmville, but with scoops instead of crops.

Or maybe it's like Mafia Wars, but you get to excoriate publicists rather than whack moles.

If Google+ had polls, I'd put three options:

_ This will never actually launch, and be forgotten.
_ Embarrassing disaster.
_ Tepid success.
_ Major hit.

How would you vote?
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