Non Day Themes and Special Tags

365 Project ~ #365project
Curator(s): +Simon Kitcher
G+ page : +G+ 365 Project

Amazing Landscapes ~ #amazinglandscapes
Curator(s): +Rolf Hicker
G+ Page: x

Artistic Google ~ #artisticgoogle
Curator(s): +***** +Penelope Taylor +Jan McCartney
G+ Page: +Artistic Google

All Things Green ~ #allthingsgreen
Curator(s): +Cicely Robin Laing
G+ Page: +All Things Green

All Things Orange ~ #allthingsorange
Curator(s): +Nina Piccoli +Kenneth Williams +Lauren Kelly
G+ Page: +AllThingsOrange

All Things Red ~ #allthingsred
Curator(s): +Lucille Galleli
G+ Page: +AllThingsRed

Australia Day ~ #australiaday
Curator(s): +Paul Pavlinovich
G+ Page: x

Birdhouse ~ #birdhousemonday
Curator(s): +Claudia Schneider +Sabine Gilbert
G+ Page: +Birdhouse

Bird Poker ~ #birdpoker
Curator(s): +Phil Armishaw
G+ Page: +Bird Poker

Black And White Fine art Gallery ~ #bwfineartle
Curator(s): +Joel Tjintjelaar
G + Page : +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery

Behind The Lens Photo Critique ~ #btlphotocritique
Curator(s): +Colby Brown
Page :

Breakfast Club ~ #breakfastclub
Curator(s): +Gemma Costa
G+ Page: +Breakfast Club

Breakfast Art Club ~ #breakfastartclub
Curator(s): +Kate Church
G+ Page: +Breakfast Art Club

CitizenArt ~ #citizenart
Curator(s): +Philip Daly
G+ Page: +CitizenArt

ColorSplash ~ #colorsplash
Curator(s): +Scott Roth
G+ Page: +Color Splash Photography

Creative 365 Project ~ #creative366project
Curator(s): +Jeff Matsuya
G+ Page: +Creative 366 Project

Critique Please ~ #critiquepls
Curator(s): None
G+ Page: x

Daily Fine Art Themes : Fine art themes every day
Promotor : +Charles Lupica
G+ Page : +Daily Fine Art Themes
#SacredArtSunday sponsored by +Charles Lupica
#AbstractArtMonday sponsored by +Marilyn Fenn
#IllustrationArtTuesday sponsored by +Robriel Wolf
#LandscapeArtTuesday sponsored by +Christina Deubel
#WaterscapeArtWednesday sponsored by +Terrill Welch
#NatureArtThursday sponsored by +Trisha Standard +Robriel Wolf
#FigurativeArtFriday sponsored by +Maude McDonald +Melodie Douglas
#SurrealArtSaturday sponsored by +Mikko Tyllinen
#DigitalArtSaturday sponsored by +Dale Jackson +Dawn Ellen Miller

Daily Shoot ~ #dailyshoot
Curator(s): +Gerwin Sturm
G+ Page: x

Everything Easter ~ #everythingeaster
Curator(s): +April Gamel +Sonja Miller Williams +Monique Yates
G+ Page:+#EverythingEaster

Fine Art Please ~ #fineartpls
Curator(s): +Marina Chen
G+ Page : +FineArtPls

Flea Finds ~ #fleafinds
Curator(s): +MG IK
G+ Page: +FleaFinds

Fresh Pics ~ #freshpics
Curator(s): +Trevor Farrell
G+ Page: +Fresh Pics

#GPlusAdventure : Collection of the best "adventure" photos on G+. All credit to the photographer
Curator(s): +David Howland

MyGPlusWindow ~ #mygpluswindow
Curator(s): +Bob Freeman
G+ Page: +MyGPlusWindow

Grass Poker ~ #grasspoker
Curator(s): +Martin OBER +Jules Falk Hunter
G+ Page: x

Gull of the Week ~ #gulloftheweek
Curator(s): +Melanie MP +Renee Hawk
G+ Page: +#Gulloftheweek

Harz Bilder ~ #harzbilder
Curator(s): +Gabi Fischer +Andreas Levi
G+ Page: +Harz Bilder

"The Hobby Photographer* ~ #hobbyphotog
Curator(s): +Fokko van der Leest
G+ Page : +The Hobby Photographer's Photo-Theme Page

Imperfect Ellipse ~ #imperfectellipse
Curator(s): +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Olav Folland +Sharon Jeannette
G+ Page: x

Lego Mini Figures in Situ ~ #legominifiguresinsitu
Curator(s): +Curtis Cunningham
G+ Page: x

#MyOwnBackyard : photos taken in your backyard, any day is fine
Curator : +Craig Pifer

Mobilart Club ~ #mobilartclub
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ Page: +Mobilart Club

Monochrome Arty Club ~ #monochromeartyclub
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ Page: +Monochrome Arty Club

New Photographers ~ #newphotographers
Curator(s): +Trevor Farrell
G+ Page: +New Photographers

PaintIt Club ~ #paintitclub
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ page: +PaintIt Club

Paintography ~ #paintography
Curator(s): +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +Gail Beerman
G+ Page: +Paintography

Pano Poker ~ #panopoker
Curator(s): +Mike Spinak +Barry Blanchard

#PhotographyDeathMatch : Who's the winner ....
Curator : +Tamara Pruessner and +Samir Osman

People and Life ~ #peopleandlife
Curator(s): +Serein Lee
G+ Page: +PeopleandLife

#PhotoMatix : Are you using Photomatix for HDR?
Curator : +Klaus Herrmann

Photo of the Day ~ #potd
Curator(s): None
G+ Page: x

Plus Photo Extract ~ #plusphotoextract
Curator(s): +Jarek Klimek
G+ Page : +PhotoExtract Photography Magazine

Purple Circle ~ #purplecircle
Curator(s): +lynn langmade +Alexis Coram +Sinead Sam McKeown +Craig Szymanski
G+ Page: +PurpleCircle

Light Benders ~ #lightbender
Curator(s): +suzanne clements
G+ Page: +Light Benders

Nordic Feeling ~ #nordicfeeling
Curator(s): +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Peter From
G+ Page: x

New Zealand Photography
Curator(s): +Ben smith (
G + page +New Zealand Photography

My Monthly Best : followed by the month and the year, like this: #MyMonthlyBest -12-2011
Curator : +Matt Shalvatis

#ToyAdventures : Toys in life environment
Curator(s): +David Kaiser

#WVWaterfalls : it is to show everyone the beauty of the state of West Virginia and the numerous waterfalls located within my beautiful state.
Curator : +Sarah Hampton

Supermarketing #supermarketing
Curator(s): +Rznag Rmrod +Armand Salmon

World Wide Christmas Album ~ #worldwidechirstmasalbum
Curator(s): +Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Randy Jay Braun
Schedule : Annual
G+ Page : +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album

Y is for Yellow ~ #yisforyellow
Curator(s): +Lucille Galleli
G+ Page: +YisforYellow

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