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Non Day Themes and Special Tags

365 Project ~ #365project
Curator(s): +Simon Kitcher
G+ page : +G+ 365 Project

Amazing Landscapes ~ #amazinglandscapes
Curator(s): +Rolf Hicker
G+ Page: x

Artistic Google ~ #artisticgoogle
Curator(s): +***** +Penelope Taylor +Jan McCartney
G+ Page: +Artistic Google

All Things Green ~ #allthingsgreen
Curator(s): +Cicely Robin Laing
G+ Page: +All Things Green

All Things Orange ~ #allthingsorange
Curator(s): +Nina Piccoli +Kenneth Williams +Lauren Kelly
G+ Page: +AllThingsOrange

All Things Red ~ #allthingsred
Curator(s): +Lucille Galleli
G+ Page: +AllThingsRed

Australia Day ~ #australiaday
Curator(s): +Paul Pavlinovich
G+ Page: x

Birdhouse ~ #birdhousemonday
Curator(s): +Claudia Schneider +Sabine Gilbert
G+ Page: +Birdhouse

Bird Poker ~ #birdpoker
Curator(s): +Phil Armishaw
G+ Page: +Bird Poker

Black And White Fine art Gallery ~ #bwfineartle
Curator(s): +Joel Tjintjelaar
G + Page : +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery

Behind The Lens Photo Critique ~ #btlphotocritique
Curator(s): +Colby Brown
Page :

Breakfast Club ~ #breakfastclub
Curator(s): +Gemma Costa
G+ Page: +Breakfast Club

Breakfast Art Club ~ #breakfastartclub
Curator(s): +Kate Church
G+ Page: +Breakfast Art Club

CitizenArt ~ #citizenart
Curator(s): +Philip Daly
G+ Page: +CitizenArt

ColorSplash ~ #colorsplash
Curator(s): +Scott Roth
G+ Page: +Color Splash Photography

Creative 365 Project ~ #creative366project
Curator(s): +Jeff Matsuya
G+ Page: +Creative 366 Project

Critique Please ~ #critiquepls
Curator(s): None
G+ Page: x

Daily Fine Art Themes : Fine art themes every day
Promotor : +Charles Lupica
G+ Page : +Daily Fine Art Themes
#SacredArtSunday sponsored by +Charles Lupica
#AbstractArtMonday sponsored by +Marilyn Fenn
#IllustrationArtTuesday sponsored by +Robriel Wolf
#LandscapeArtTuesday sponsored by +Christina Deubel
#WaterscapeArtWednesday sponsored by +Terrill Welch
#NatureArtThursday sponsored by +Trisha Standard +Robriel Wolf
#FigurativeArtFriday sponsored by +Maude McDonald +Melodie Douglas
#SurrealArtSaturday sponsored by +Mikko Tyllinen
#DigitalArtSaturday sponsored by +Dale Jackson +Dawn Ellen Miller

Daily Shoot ~ #dailyshoot
Curator(s): +Gerwin Sturm
G+ Page: x

Everything Easter ~ #everythingeaster
Curator(s): +April Gamel +Sonja Miller Williams +Monique Yates
G+ Page:+#EverythingEaster

Fine Art Please ~ #fineartpls
Curator(s): +Marina Chen
G+ Page : +FineArtPls

Flea Finds ~ #fleafinds
Curator(s): +MG IK
G+ Page: +FleaFinds

Fresh Pics ~ #freshpics
Curator(s): +Trevor Farrell
G+ Page: +Fresh Pics

#GPlusAdventure : Collection of the best "adventure" photos on G+. All credit to the photographer
Curator(s): +David Howland

MyGPlusWindow ~ #mygpluswindow
Curator(s): +Bob Freeman
G+ Page: +MyGPlusWindow

Grass Poker ~ #grasspoker
Curator(s): +Martin OBER +Jules Falk Hunter
G+ Page: x

Gull of the Week ~ #gulloftheweek
Curator(s): +Melanie MP +Renee Hawk
G+ Page: +#Gulloftheweek

Harz Bilder ~ #harzbilder
Curator(s): +Gabi Fischer +Andreas Levi
G+ Page: +Harz Bilder

"The Hobby Photographer* ~ #hobbyphotog
Curator(s): +Fokko van der Leest
G+ Page : +The Hobby Photographer's Photo-Theme Page

Imperfect Ellipse ~ #imperfectellipse
Curator(s): +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Olav Folland +Sharon Jeannette
G+ Page: x

Lego Mini Figures in Situ ~ #legominifiguresinsitu
Curator(s): +Curtis Cunningham
G+ Page: x

#MyOwnBackyard : photos taken in your backyard, any day is fine
Curator : +Craig Pifer

Mobilart Club ~ #mobilartclub
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ Page: +Mobilart Club

Monochrome Arty Club ~ #monochromeartyclub
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ Page: +Monochrome Arty Club

New Photographers ~ #newphotographers
Curator(s): +Trevor Farrell
G+ Page: +New Photographers

PaintIt Club ~ #paintitclub
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ page: +PaintIt Club

Paintography ~ #paintography
Curator(s): +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +Gail Beerman
G+ Page: +Paintography

Pano Poker ~ #panopoker
Curator(s): +Mike Spinak +Barry Blanchard

#PhotographyDeathMatch : Who's the winner ....
Curator : +Tamara Pruessner and +Samir Osman

People and Life ~ #peopleandlife
Curator(s): +Serein Lee
G+ Page: +PeopleandLife

#PhotoMatix : Are you using Photomatix for HDR?
Curator : +Klaus Herrmann

Photo of the Day ~ #potd
Curator(s): None
G+ Page: x

Plus Photo Extract ~ #plusphotoextract
Curator(s): +Jarek Klimek
G+ Page : +PhotoExtract Photography Magazine

Purple Circle ~ #purplecircle
Curator(s): +lynn langmade +Alexis Coram +Sinead Sam McKeown +Craig Szymanski
G+ Page: +PurpleCircle

Light Benders ~ #lightbender
Curator(s): +suzanne clements
G+ Page: +Light Benders

Nordic Feeling ~ #nordicfeeling
Curator(s): +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Peter From
G+ Page: x

New Zealand Photography
Curator(s): +Ben smith (
G + page +New Zealand Photography

My Monthly Best : followed by the month and the year, like this: #MyMonthlyBest -12-2011
Curator : +Matt Shalvatis

#ToyAdventures : Toys in life environment
Curator(s): +David Kaiser

#WVWaterfalls : it is to show everyone the beauty of the state of West Virginia and the numerous waterfalls located within my beautiful state.
Curator : +Sarah Hampton

Supermarketing #supermarketing
Curator(s): +Rznag Rmrod +Armand Salmon

World Wide Christmas Album ~ #worldwidechirstmasalbum
Curator(s): +Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Randy Jay Braun
Schedule : Annual
G+ Page : +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album

Y is for Yellow ~ #yisforyellow
Curator(s): +Lucille Galleli
G+ Page: +YisforYellow

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I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, +Colby Brown made #BTLcritique open to the public. Above it says "closed critique circle".
+Colby Brown +Brent Burzycki Hi Colby, Brent not to be a pain but I went to the BTLens circles earlier today and they don't look to have been updated since mid-October. Is this still a viable group ?
+Charles Lupica I would say the answer is is still viable.. there have been changes to the group, but simply now the group is public and requires no membership just the hashtag #BTLCritique - I assume thats what you mean by - went to the group....
+Brent Burzycki - I think there was value in having a circle of people that belonged to and encouraged critique of images. By posting to a circle of people interested in that idea I could limit the number of people that would see my image and limit it to people that were interested in receiving / providing feedback.

The idea of being in a circle of like-minded individuals seems to have died and the tag seems to have become mostly just another hashtag to clutter my stream. I think the idea of a critique circle is much more powerful than a hashtag. If all I want is a tag I can use #CritiquePls, which seems to get mostly ignored when I add it.

So, I guess to put my question bluntly, "Has #BTLCritique become just another hashtag?" I mean, an idea like this dies if there isn't anyone actively promoting it.
+Charles Lupica - You have to take into account a few factors.

1.) The limits on the number of people you can circle (5000).
2.) The Group was well over 2000 members strong
3.) The challenges of attempting to maintain a group that size.
4.) How unfair it was for new members to join since old members wouldn't add them to their BTL circle
5.) We were using "hashtags" within the group anyway by having people search for "Critique".

Yes it is a hastag, but it is still going strong. We have 15 moderators that help bring posts to light and I rarely see photos go by with no critiques.
+Colby Brown Thank you Colby for helping me to see the way, again. :-))

I fully understand 1-5 once you've pointed them out. The reason I was tracking back to the circles was because of #4. I was thinking that there were a lot of people after me who didn't get added because I haven't been back to see who they are.

I think the idea of critique circles is more powerful than a hashtag but I can also see how unmanageable that is in a place like G+. As an aspiring professional, I don't want to put images out for widespread critique. That's where circles come in. With the circle of 250 people I could share an image to a small group without opening the image to the full G+ stream. I like the idea of a more closed critique system. So an open system based on just the hashtag isn't as interesting to me as a system based on circles.

I think what I personally may need to do is look for 20 to 50 like minded people and form a more intimate critique circle.

I'm glad the system still exists and still works and I'll try harder to follow the tag and offer my view on things.

Thank you for responding. I do appreciate how busy you must be.
That is a great idea +Charles Lupica and one that I wanted for BTL to start with. Even with 2000 people in the group, the need for smaller groups of people that connected was required. The issues as always is the numbers game. I understand the desire not to have your work out there in the public eye for a critique, but at the same time you are opening yourself up to so much more coverage on your image to get feedback. Always a double edged sword.
+Daily Photography Themes something like this:

#SacredArtSunday sponsored by +Charles Lupica
#AbstractArtMonday sponsored by +Dawn Ellen Miller
#IllustrationArtTuesday sponsored by +Robriel Wolf
#LandscapeArtTuesday sponsored by +Christina Deubel
#WaterscapeArtWednesday sponsored by +Terrill Welch
#NatureArtThursday sponsored by +Trisha Standard and +Robriel Wolf
#FigurativeArtFriday sponsored by +Maude McDonald and +Melodie Douglas
#SurrealArtSaturday sponsored by +Mikko Tyllinen
#DigitalArtSaturday sponsored by +Dale Jackson and +Dawn Ellen Miller
I just noticed a new "special" theme by +Mike Spinak and +Barry Blanchard but I can't find any information on how to take part. #PanoPoker. It would be nice if people sponsoring these themes (me included) would list the information on their about page or give a link to the information.
I manage the special theme #WVWaterfalls - it is to show everyone the beauty of the state of West Virginia and the numerous waterfalls located within my beautiful state. I would love to see it added to this list.
+Martin OBER Thanks, sorry to add any more confusion, but I will still keep searching the tag and curating. So you can keep me on board for curating #supermarketing
Ooops. Maybe I should have talk to you before I post it here :(. Thanks for the information.
Could you please be so kind and add DPCT to this page, maybe something like this, thanks in advance:

Daily PaintIt Community Themes: Sharing painterly photos daily!
Promotor : +Alexius Jørgensen
G+ Page : +Daily PaintIt Community Themes

#TexturePaintItMonday facilitated by +Alex Racanelli, +Karen Waters & +Alexius Jørgensen
#MobilePaintItTuesday facilated by +Skip per & +Alexius Jørgensen
#HappyPaintItWednesday facilitated by +Alexius Jørgensen & +Skip per
#PixelPaintItThursday facilitated by +Gail Beerman & +Alexius Jørgensen
#ExperimentPaintItFriday facilitated by +Alexius Jørgensen
#PaintItSaturday facilitated by +Alexius Jørgensen & +Gail Beerman
#MonochromaticPaintItSunday facilitated by +Susana Segat & +Alexius Jørgensen
Thanx a lot Philip and I guess I´ll see you there like normal on Saturdays or now maybe also other days :)
I would be delighted if my topic would be included with #Gulloftheweek in your list. Once a week, whichever day is post a picture of a seagull the goal here. #Gulloftheweek is curated by +Renee Hawk and me +Melanie MP and also has a page +#Gulloftheweek
Thanks for the shoutout Cicely... however I curate #Allthingsred and #YisforYellow. #allthingsorange is by Nina, Kenneth and Lauren.