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Share it around :) and as always notify us if miss any
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Andy Q.
Wow, I didn´t know there were already over 100 daily themes. Great!
It won't let me add - having scanned I thing this is because +Kjetil Greger Pedersen is in the circle and is a profile and not a page. I guess I can therefore either recreate the circle manually or ask +Kjetil Greger Pedersen to add me to his circles. Hope you all had a great Christmas (I'm away with family today so posting and running sorry).
impossible to add this new circle, problem in the circle creation, thx G+ for all those options who doesn t work..
After starting to explore these themes I got a comment wondering why to use weekdays, why not just use general hashtags like #AbstractArt or #Waterfalls - has there been discussion about this? One reason apart from having fun with hashtags I suppose is to have someone to curate a theme. I suppose you could start curating eg. #WaterfallsPhotos - it would probably be good to have the word "photos" etc to differentiate from textual entries about the subject.
+Tiina Niskanen There are a few general hashtags, but the big drawback with a all week hashtag is for the curators.
To be online and check for your tag every day is hard work. it's much easier to have them on one day.
Would there be room for some new theme like #ManifestMonday, #MessageMonday or #StatementSunday ? See one example I was looking for a suitable theme, but couldn't find: http://goo.gl/g9Vu1
What happened to FisheyeFriday? Cannot get that page no matter how hard I try.
Thanks so much *and I've done another. I've created a page for Store window and in store displays called +On Display Thursday . could you add that one as well.? Thanks
What's the hashtag for that theme?
I added it to my directory, but it doesn't go in the DPT as it's not a theme
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