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New for Tuesdays ~ Two Wheeled Tuesday by +Akhil Kalsh 


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DPT Interactivity Poll

Here are the results of the Interactivity Poll that's been running since the 24th Mar.

As you can see slightly over half of respondents have reported a large drop off in interaction. My view is that many signed up to G+ and gave it a go for a while but the novelty quickly wore off and what we're left with the people who actually find value in the platform. None of this is scientific by any means as the parameters were quite vague.
It's more a sense of peoples feelings and perceptions than real hard data.

Many thanx to all who took part ;)

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With the growth of G+ I think in general engagement on posts has dropped. Those that that follow thousands of other users can impossibly engage with all of them on significant level. Also with the huge amount of posts nowadays, visibility is the problem, just as on Facebook. If Google would show us the amount of views per post I think many of us would stop posting.
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DPT Poll

There have a few posts recently by avid G+ users about whether interaction on the platform has waned in the last 12 months. It's very hard to get definitive data on this as Google keep that very much to themselves.

So, we're going to run a mini-poll and let it run for a while.

Please +1 the comment that you agree with

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I have noticed a large increase in general interaction on G+ over the last few months.
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Thanks.  Looks like there's a lot there; I'll have to go through it later.  Trying to get out of the house to go shoot Fisher Towers right now.
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Curators Circle

It's been a while since we shared the latest Curators circle. So here they all are, all 468 of 'em.


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Thank you for the inclusion with all my fellow curators :)) +Daily Photography Themes 
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Fun should be the operative word in social media!

The +Daily Photography Themes  gives everyone an opportunity to meet amazing people from around the world at all levels of photography skills!  

One of FAVORITE teams on theme pages is the group at:  

+Irene Kato
+Alex Lapidus
+Heiko Mahr
+Karl Geiger Jr
+Janice Hackney
+Jetski Jones
+Alien Abduction Friday

They make me laugh and are always thinking OUTSIDE Of the box...
Come Join the fun and share your alien like shots!  

Captured these aliens in their hatching membranes outside of Las Vegas....Always watchful as  "they ARE here!"  

What makes you laugh on #Googleplus ?

+Photo Tour Global Directory™  #phototourglobaldirectory  
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These folks have given me great grins.
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Make some money from your Theme Posts

As the development of the +Google+ platform continues ever onwards and upwards with Google being famous for trying new things all the time. It's just been announced that from today all Photo Theme postings will have an +Google AdSense adverts overlaying each photo. 

The owner of the photo will then receive a small percentage of the revenue generated. They say they will try to key relevant ads to the image content.

Eg; Landscapes - Hiking, outdoor, Mountaineering equipment, Breath mints, etc.
Portraits - Cosmetics, Clothing, Deodorants, Nasal hair remover, etc.
Cityscapes/Architecture - Architects, Builders, Map makers, Brothels, etc.

... and so on.

For more information on payment schemes and "opting out" if you wish, go here _
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Image Search

Chrome users, you can get this handy dandy Image Search extension here ~

Install it and then right click on any image and Google will run a search for it or similar pictures. It's a handy way of finding out who actually owns the image as well as seeing if anyone else is hosting your own images.
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really useful for those of you who suspect that your images may be used without your knowledge....
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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our friends :)
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