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Bruno Škvorc
SitePoint's PHP Editor. I like writing software that helps people write software.
SitePoint's PHP Editor. I like writing software that helps people write software.

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Android enthusiasts and power users, please help me out with a problem regarding WhatsApp on CyanogenMod and SQLite errors:

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It's been a while since I mentioned how awesome +DigitalOcean is as a service - spinning up virtual private servers for peanuts, within minutes, hosting demo apps left and right and not going broke, it's really something.

If you'd like a head start using their services, get 2 months free with my referral code:

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My buddy Rokac designed the new Laravel shirt! #php
Recent hoodie design for the awesome Laravel. You can grab the shirts here:

#laravel   #php   #framework   #shirt   #hoodie  

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I built a Sphinx skeleton for ReadTheDocs that's PHP friendly and multi-language configured out of the box. Also supports custom styles and directives with no additional configuration. If you've got PHP projects in need of documentation, I'd say this is a pretty cool alternative to ApiGen, Phpdocumentor and similar stuff.
RTDSphinx-PHP - a professional PHP documentation skeleton

Writing docs is hard - and that's even without all the setting up. This skeleton by SitePoint is a good starting point - it provides a ready-to-go Sphinx skeleton, PHP-optimized, additional utility scripts and is @ReadTheDocs ready out of the box with some additional custom styles! Start writing your project docs THE RIGHT WAY!

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I wrote about generating and hosting PHP project documentation with Sphinx and ReadTheDocs.
Documenting PHP Projects with Sphinx and ReadTheDocs

Here's a full guide by +Bruno Škvorc to documenting your PHP projects with Sphinx and hosting the documentation for free on an online documentation hosting service called ReadTheDocs. Warning: some Python inside :)

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Wrote an intro about BDD in Laravel with PhpSpec and Behat
Total intro to #BDD in #Laravel​ with #phpspec and #behat

In this tutorial, +Bruno Škvorc introduces the basic concepts of Behavior Driven Development in Laravel via PhpSpec and Behat - the deadly combination for true application testing.

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Delightfully simple forums. Phanbook is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun again. Also the name Phanbook is mean - Phan(Phalcon PHP)book(the your note book)
+Phalcon PHP Framework

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My beagle's first swim

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[Summer Camp] [Testimonials]

Last year's PHP Summer Camp, first one ever, gathered PHP & Symfony experts and enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Get to know us or remember the fun and valuable experience from last year by reading these blog posts by our participants, +Bruno Škvorc from +SitePoint ( &
+Ryan Weaver from +KNP Labs (

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So last time I harvested the entire SitePoint domain into a set of structured, searchable data. In this part, I build a simple PHP GUI around it to make a rudimentary search engine with some filters.
Building a search engine based on a +Diffbot collection

In the previous post, we harvested all of +SitePoint's articles automatically with the help of +Diffbot. In this one, we apply this data to a PHP-powered mini-app to make a fully fledged search engine with filters. Witness the power of structured data!
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