[Dart or AngularJS]

I've had a discussion with a colleague about this the other day and I'm still in a dilemma. Hypothetically, there is a web project.

As a developer who is comfortable and well versed in HTML and JS and one who has built several web apps the old-school way, the front-end is up to you and you alone, and you will be doing all the work by yourself. You're allowed to pick one of the two technologies you're clueless but curious about. You have the choice of using the project and opportunity to learn either +Dart or +AngularJS - two very ambitious and up-and-coming projects from the same company, neither of which works very well with the other, each of which has some notable advantages that can be caught up to with hacks and assisting tools in the other.

Assuming the project is going to be a high-read, low-write web app, something akin to a shopping portal, ebay or a news portal (thus with loads of reusable elements like "ad" or "news snippet" or "feedback badge"), which technology do you choose as the main driver of the front end, and why?

Pinging my Programmers circle - sorry if you feel spammed by this; please let me know and I'll make a note never to ping you again.
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