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David Whitley
Travel journalist. Clumsy.
Travel journalist. Clumsy.


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How to play Radio Rugby, the world's greatest driving game.

On long drives, entertainment is often required. And there’s only so long a diet of I Spy and talk radio can sustain you. This is where games come in, and over the last few years, my wife and I have created then finessed the game of Radio Rugby. It is now ready to be shared with the rest of the world, so here are the rules…

To be the first to name a song that comes on the radio (or an iPod on shuffle with a mutually agreeable playlist) and the artist it is by. Once the title of the song is mentioned in the lyrics, no further scoring is possible. Ie. You have to say Everybody Hurts or REM before Michael Stipe does as the song is playing. Also, if the radio DJ says the name of the song or artist before playing the song, that round is void.

Scoring system
Try: Five points for getting both the song and the artist before the other competitors (and before the title of the song is said in the lyrics).
Conversion: Upon scoring a try, the successful player can then attempt to ‘convert’ for another two points by naming another song by the same artist.
Drop goal: If a player can only name one of the song or the artist, (s)he gets three points. It’s perfectly feasible for both players to score a drop goal on the same song – ie. One says the name of the song title first, and the other is quickest to the artist. There are no conversion attempts allowed unless the same player gets both.

>>> For the rest of the rules, venture this way:
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Prison hotels
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